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Can You Really Make Money With Online Surveys?

April 14, 2015 - No. That's the short answer to the title question. Yes, there are exceptions, but you'll rarely make much from doing online surveys.

In fact, I haven't seen a credible report of anyone making minimum wage, but perhaps it's possible. The thing about calculating what you make is that most people just plain don't know how to do it objectively and accurately. That leads to many survey-takers thinking they are making a better wage for their time than they really make, and spreading that misconception to others.

The most common mistake is not... Read More Here: Online Surveys

Get Your Boss to Let You Work From Home

April 7, 2015 - Of all the articles I've written, the most popular ones are about working at home. You can guess why; what's not to like about a thirty-foot commute and no dress code? Then there is your kitchen, just a few steps away. Take it from me -- I've been here in my home office (in various states and cities) for eleven years, and it's great to work from home.

But maybe you already have a good job and you have no intention of throwing away everything it took to get where you are in the company, not to mention your retirement plan and benefits. What can you do? Convince your employer to let you work from home, of course! Here's how to make your case... Read More Here: How to Work From Home

Which Are the Best Summer Jobs?

March 24, 2015 - If you need a temporary job you can pick apples in the fall, be a ski instructor in the winter, or prepare tax returns in the spring. But of all the seasonal jobs out there, the best ones are probably the summer jobs. Often you get to work outdoors, or at least in an area where you can enjoy the hiking or hanging out at the beach when you're not working. And the long days guarantee that you won't spend every last hour of daylight at work.

Perhaps you're a teacher or college student, and you want to make some money during your summer off. Or maybe you just want a fun way to pay the bills for the summer before you start a new career. Whatever your reason for seeking temporary warm-weather employment, you can get ready here, with my list of the best... Read More Here: Summer Jobs

Slot Machines - Reduce or Eliminate Your Risk

February 25, 2015 - For a while, the small casino where I worked in the 1990s offered customers a $10 roll of quarters when they walked in the door. It was meant for the slot machines. The casino didn't monitor whether people played the machines or not, so couples could -- and did -- collect $20 between them and walk back out the door to go to lunch. Some elderly couples were caught returning in disguise, trying to make $40 or more per day (the limit was one roll each).

So back then, at least in that casino, you could make a little money playing slot machines, as long as you played only briefly (or not at all) to conserve most of your free quarters. Cash giveaways like that are long gone, but there are still... Read More Here: Slot Machines

Secrets of Walmart Shopping

January 27, 2015 - When Walmart opened a store in the small Michigan town where I lived at the time, I bought a bottle of shampoo. Up to that point I had been paying $1.67 for this brand. Walmart's price was 99 cents -- one example of many, many low prices. The arrival of that store was like getting a big pay raise, particularly since I earned only a bit over minimum wage at the time.

So do you shop at Walmart? It's true that, according to one poll the public has a more favorable opinion of some airlines than of Walmart. But that doesn't stop 100 million Americans from... Read More Here: Walmart Secrets

How to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Car Repairs and Maintenance

December 30, 2014 - Your car is probably one of the biggest expenses in your life. Maintenance seems to get ever more expensive, and repairs bills come at the worst times. Fortunately there are ways to save hundreds of dollars on car repairs and maintenance. Here are six of them.

1. Do Maintenance by the Numbers

The old saying, "A stitch in time saves nine," can make sense. Replacing brake pads before you destroy the drums or rotors, for example, saves money and keeps you safe. But if twelve stitches in time save nine you're overdoing it. In other words, when safety is not an issue you should balance the cost of maintenance against... Read More Here: Save on Car Repairs

Thoughts on $500 Per-Pound Cheese

I was recently reading about a cheese that cost $500 per pound. At the moment I can buy a decent cheddar or Swiss cheese for $5 per pound. Is the expensive cheese better for you? There is no research on this that I could find. Does it taste better? Maybe, although it seems that with many expensive cheeses the taste is worse at first bite. Only after we accustom ourselves to them do they... Read more here: Expensive Cheese

Can the Presence of Money Reduce Pain?

Money is important to people - there's nothing new in that. But according to the latest research the symbolic power of money goes beyond mere desire for it or our willingness to do various things for it. Apparently just handling currency has the power to alter our... Read more here: Money and Pain

How to Become a Poetry Whore

I wouldn't normally use the word "whore" to describe anyone, but that's how poets at "poetry brothels" identify themselves, so I'll go with their preferred title. But what is a poetry brothel? What are poetry whores? How do they make money... Read more here: Poetry Whore

A Cuddle Party Is Not an Orgy, But It's Intimate and Profitable

At "cuddle parties" people pay to enter someone's home and snuggle up with a bunch of strangers in pajamas. Now maybe that isn't worth $30 or $50 to you, but what if you were the one collecting the money? You can make good money as a cuddle party facilitator... In a previous post we looked at being a professional cuddler and charging $60 per hour to spoon with strangers. But that's a one-on-one experience. For some people, one snuggle partner is not enough. They want to... Read more here: Cuddle Party

This Writer's Roller Coaster Ride

I started with nothing but simple websites, made it to six figures and a book contract, then had to take minimum wage jobs, and then started a new career freelance writing... When you consistently make money writing you're a "professional writer." As for myself, I would write even if I wasn't paid, and I would be happier to be called a bum for double the pay. Unlike labels or recognition, money can be translated into freedom -- a topic for another time. For now, if you're an aspiring writer, let's see if you can learn something from my story... Read more here: Writing for a Living

Professional Cuddlers Keep Their Clothes On

A man comes to your home and wants to get into bed with you, just to cuddle. What do you do? Tell him your hourly rate of course! That's right; you can make good money cuddling with complete strangers. And no, it isn't what it sounds like. Jackie Samuel of Penfield, New York may have been one of the first to snuggle professionally. According to her... Read more here: Cuddle for Money

Profitable Friendships

August 16, 2014 -Make money by being a friend? That's right, there are websites where you can post your profile and get hired as a "friend" for up to $50 per hour. Now, it might seem that there is something wrong about this concept, but in reality you sell services. Calling the business something like "Rent a Friend" doesn't mean... Read more here: Rent a Friend


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How to become a Cryptozoologist and Chase Bigfoot

How to Be a Movie Extra

Become a Pet Detective

=> Fast Ways to Make Money (23 pages)

This section focuses on making money now, especially this first page...

Thirteen Ways to Make Money in an Hour

I Was Paid to Be a Fake Juror

Selling Your Hair for up to $2,000

=> Odd Ways to Make Money (63 pages)

These are some of the more interesting ways to make money...

Make $1,000 per Month to Selling Sperm

How to Be a Human Guinea Pig

Crazy Ways to Make Money

Make Money Without a Job

Ambergris (Whale Poop) Hunter

=> Artistic and Creative Work (31 pages)

Express your creative side profitably...

Make and Sell Paper Jewelry

Street Musician

How to Become a Cartoonist

=> Money Making Ideas (23 pages)

Unproven but waiting for you to try them...

Search Dogs Business

Letters From the Dead

How to Print Money

=> Real Estate Profits (20 pages)

We look for the less common ways, including...

Slumlording for Good Investment Returns

Fixer-Upper Mobile Homes

Optioning Hilltops and More

=> Outdoor Work (34 pages)

Ah, fresh air, sunshine and profits...

Building and Installing Cat Enclosures

Ways to Find Gold

Collecting and Selling Wildflowers

=> Online Profits (26 pages)

Hey, this is working so far...

Get Publicity and Traffic Using Google Alerts

How to Sell Photos Online

How to Create an Ebook Without Writing

Make Money on YouTube

=> Money Articles (43 pages)

Thoughts and ideas on a variety of subjects...

Ads on Your Car?

More Than 100 Ways I've Made Money

Bullsh-- Employee Assessment Questionnaires

Amish Entrepreneurs

Radical Money Moves

=> Some Good Jobs (42 pages)

Good pay, good work, or good employers...

Working at a Brew Pub (an Interview)

An Entomologist Career

Environmental Engineer

=> Diversified Investments (21 pages)

Not your usual investment opportunities...

How to Invest in Movies

Investing in Wine

Loan Money for Profit

=> Some Good Businesses (37 pages)

These pages include businesses that can be started with very little money...

Creative Businesses

Furniture Businesses You Can Start Cheap

Military Surplus Businesses

Portable Restroom Rentals: A Pooportunity

=> Work From Your Home (26 pages)

Online, offline, at home or from home...

Several Ways to Make Money With a Hobby

How to Party for Profit

An Interview With a Work at Home Agent

=> How to Write for Money (29 pages)

I just did it with this sentence, but there are many other ways...

Ghostwriting Jobs (My Experience)

Self-Publish Your Book... Cheap!

Publishing on Kindle at no Cost

=> Green Jobs and Businesses (18 pages)

Help the environment and your wallet...

Become a Green Cleaner

Examples of Green Marketing Jobs

=> Best Money Books and Courses (17 pages)

A few reviews of books worth reading...

101 Weird Ways to Make Money

Is 'The Four Hour Work Week' an Exaggeration?

=> Interviews With People Making Money (17 pages)

See what their jobs and businesses are really like...

Kris Sharpe: The Flying Entrepreneur

Water Taxi Captain

Margaritaville Job: Michael Kopcynski

How to Invent and Sell a Game

=> Make More Money From Your Business (33 pages)

Each page here covers a specific way to make more from your existing business...

Measure Advertising Results to Maximise Returns

Increase the Average Sale Amount

Increase Customer Frequency

=> Ways to Save (Spend Less) (11 pages)

Ways to make your money worth more by making it go fatrher...

Some Radical Ways to Cut Your Cost of Living

How to Be a Frugal Opportunist

Other Pages

Five Ways to Bet to Win - And legal too!

My Paychecks, Businesses, and Investments - Putting together a living

Ideas and Businesses and Jobs - Proven and theoretical.

Three Purposes of Investing - And which investment accomplishes all three.

Cash Jobs - How and where to find them.

Elvis Minister - There are a few openings...

Make Matzo for Money - Making food for money.

Coin Roll Hunting - Dig through rolls of coins for...

High Rise Window Washer - A decent job or business.

Creative Ways to Make Money - Crazy videos; find treasures..

Grave Digger - You get to work outdoors.

Make More Money From Your Job - Starting this week.

Growing Catnip - Sell to cat owners or retailers.

Club Moss Spores - Harvest and sell natural flash powder.

The Business of Roadkill Cleanup - Someone has to do it.

Buy and Sell Used Cars - Decent profits is a short time.

Making Tips - Cash tips even when you're not employed?

Cemetery Visit for Money - Yes, this is a real business.

Street Vending in the Philippines - From someone who spent time there.

How to Sell Your Stuff - What's the best way?

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When a person with money meets a person with experience, the person with the experience winds up with the money and the person with the money winds up with the experience. - Harvey B. MacKay

Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn't have it and thought of other things if you did. - James Baldwin

Working at Home - When you are working from your home, don’t answer the phone every time it rings, unless it is the business line. Set aside a time to return calls and let the answering machine do its job for you. The “minor” interruption of talking to a friend for a few minutes usually burns up more time than you realize, both for the conversation itself and because it takes time to get back into “working” mode. In fact, a call can often derail a task that you were focused on and working on efficiently. Turn the ringer off if necessary, and let the machine take the calls.

Second Time Around - The best jobs when you are over fifty and looking for a new career was the topic of a recent article on They used a "Quality of Life" index that involved grading the jobs based on personal satisfaction, benefit to society, low stress, and flexibility. Some of the jobs that scored highest were grant coordinator, personal trainer, online content marketing writer, and tutor.

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