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Profitable Friendships

FriendsAugust 16, 2013 -Make money by being a friend? That's right, there are websites where you can post your profile and get hired as a "friend" for up to $50 per hour. Now, it might seem that there is something wrong about this concept, but in reality you sell services. Calling the business something like "Rent a Friend" doesn't mean you and your clients will actually be friends, although that can happen in any business.

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The idea was first developed in Japan, and was later brought here by Scott Rosenbaum. He created, perhaps the largest online platform of this type. To explain how it works, I just went to the website and entered "Tampa, Florida," because that's the nearest large city to us (we're ninety minutes south of there). I didn't screen for male or female, bi, gay or straight, so I got... Read more here: Rent a Friend

Four Radical Ways to Cut Your Cost of Living

August 2, 2013 - Cut your cost of living and you'll have greater financial security and less stress. But don't stop with coupons and sale-shopping (in fact, don't even start there). Yes, there are many little ways to spend less, but to cut your expenses dramatically you need to take more radical measures. Here are four to consider.

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1. Move to Cheaper Housing

The average rent in New York City is now over $3,000 per month, and is close to $1,100 for the U.S. as a whole. But if you can move, you have options. For example, go to and sort Tucson apartment rentals by price (lowest first). You'll find pages full of studio and one-bedroom places for under $350. By the time you get to $600 per month you're looking at... Read more here: Cut Cost of Living

What is a Ghostwriter?

Ghost WriterJuly 19, 2014 - As a ghostwriter you write articles, books, reports, or any other texts that are officially credited to someone else. This is common online, and a lot of what's out there has been written by someone other than whoever has the byline.

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You do the work and they get the credit. That's okay as long as you get paid well enough for your time. Keep in mind... Read more here: Ghost Writer

How to Sell Your Stuff

Pawn ShopJuly 12, 2014 - Whether you need to raise cash or just simplify your life, selling your stuff is a way to do both. What's the best way to cash in? The answer to that question depends on whether a fast sale or getting the most money is the more important goal for you. It also depends on what types of things you are selling. Let's look at some of the options for selling your excess possessions, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Pawn Shops

This is perhaps the fastest way to sell your stuff, and if you really just need the cash but don't want to part with your things you can pawn them and get them back later. You will almost never get... Read more here: Sell Your Stuff

How to Be a Human Guinea Pig (Without Taking Big Risks)

Lab ResearchJuly 7, 2014 - I recently took ten pills in ten days to make $30. Yes, that isn't much for participating in a medical trial, but hey, you have to start somewhere. And you can make a lot more. How much more? In one study NASA paid volunteers $15,000 just to stay in bed for a few months, so there is some potential to make thousands of dollars as a human guinea pig. Earlier this year you had the opportunity to make $3,000 to get the flu. Of course you had to be able to take time off from your regular job so you could have the live H1N1 flu virus squirted up your nose and then... Read more here: Human Guinea Pig ( Flickr Photo by Tulane University)

More Featured Pages, News and Ideas

Five Ways to Bet to Win - March, 2014 - Maybe you like to gamble, in which case you've probably tried some of the ideas suggested here. Still, there might be one or two you haven't used. And what if gambling isn't really your thing... Continue reading here...

Income Streams - Look for ways to add more and more streams of income.Look for one-time revenue generators. If you have unused equipment, sell it. If you can charge a non-competing business to include their ads in your mailing, do it. If you are at your son's baseball game and everyone is thirsty when finished, invite them all to your fast-food restaurant for a free small drink (of course they'll buy food too). These are one-timers, but if you fins a couple each month it adds up.

Inventing New Things - Ask ten friends what problems they have had in the last few days. Write them down. If any problem shows up more than three times, you can probably make money solving it with a new product or service. Once you have a few solutions in mind, go back to those friends to ask if they would pay for what you have in mind.


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=> Fun and Interesting Jobs (35 pages)

Become a Cryptozoologist - Search for Bigfoot as your day job?

How to Be a Movie Extra - And get paid for it of course.

Get Paid to Deliver Cars - How to find these jobs.

Become a Pet Detective - Ace Ventura behavior is optional.

=> Fast Ways to Make Money (23 pages)

How to Make Money in an Hour - Thirteen different ways.

My Surrogate Jury Experience - Yes, these are real (but one-day) jobs.

Selling Hair - From $10 per ounce to $2,000 per pony tail.

Ticket Scalping - It's legal and online now.

Donate Blood for Money - Help people out; make extra income...

=> Odd Ways to Make Money (53 pages)

How to Sell Sperm - Make $1,000 monthly if you are approved.

How to Be a Human Guinea Pig - And do it without taking big risks.

Latest Weird Ways to Make Money - Homeless tours and other schemes.

Crazy Ways to Make Money - Four high-pay jobs and a wedding scheme...

Weird Ways to Make Money - Three videos and some other resources.

Make Money Without a Job - Some interesting ways to bring in the cash.

Become a Sofer - Want to be a traditional Jewish scribe?

Serve on a Mock Jury - Guilty or innocent, you get paid.

Ambergris Hunter - Whale poop profits?

=> Artistic and Creative Work (31 pages)

Make and Sell Paper Jewelry - Yes, there is a market for this.

Street Musician - See how much you can make and where.

How to Become a Cartoonist - And how much you can expect to earn.

Tattoo Artist Jobs - Express your creativity.

=> Money Making Ideas (23 pages)

Social Art - Let the group create what you sell.

Search Dogs Business - Train them to find pets and cash.

Letters From the Dead - A new business idea waiting to be started.

How to Print Money - Use your business to print currency...

=> Real Estate Profits (20 pages)

Slumlording - The best cash-on-cash returns out there?

Fixer-Upper Mobile Homes - Check out this overlooked opportunity.

Unusual Real Estate Options - Write options on hilltops?

=> Outdoor Work (33 pages)

Cat Enclosures - Making and selling them as a business.

Finding Gold - Some different ways to do it.

Collecting and Selling Wildflowers - A low-investment business.

Airboat Tours - Be the captain - or the owner of the business.

=> Online Profits (25 pages)

Publicity and Traffic Using Google Alerts - Several techniques.

Online Editing Jobs - No degree needed for this one.

How to Sell Photos Online - residual income opportunity.

How to Create an Ebook - With or without writing.

Make Money on YouTube - People watch, you get ad revenue.

=> Money Articles (39 pages)

Ads on Your Car? - Real deal or scam?

Money Ideas - Ways to make it, save it, and think about it.

How I've Made Money - More than 100 ways.

Employee Assessment Questionnaires - A skeptical look at the experience.

Paid Studies - True story of a human guinea pig.

Amish Entrepreneurs - Why are they so successful?

A Few Radical Money Moves - Do try these at home...

=> Some Good Jobs (42 pages)

Working at a Brew Pub - An interview with a bartender and manager.

An Entomologist Career - How to get started.

Environmental Engineer - High-pay is one reason to check out this career.

Become a Professional Buyer - Do you know how to negotiate?

=> Diversified Investments (20 pages)

Invest in Movies - Good way to go broke or hit it big.

Investing in Wine - Suggestions for investing in a tricky market.

Loan Money for Profit - How to do it starting small.

Investing in Wine - A different kind of investment.

=> Some Good Businesses (36 pages)

Creative Businesses - Several great examples.

Furniture Businesses - Several low-cost possibilities.

Military Surplus Businesses - Some good examples.

Portable Restroom Rentals - A pooportunity?

=> Work From Your Home (25 pages)

Make Money With a Hobby - Some of the ways you can do it.

Bed and Breakfast Business - What it takes and what to charge.

How to Party for Profit - There is more than one way.

Work at Home Agent - Telephone; computer; ten-second commute.

=> How to Write for Money (27 pages)

Ghostwriting Jobs - Writing as someone else...

Self Publish Your Book - It's cheaper than you think.

Publishing on Kindle - Write a book and publish it - for free.

=> Green Jobs and Businesses (18 pages)

Become a Green Cleaner - Start a green cleaning service.

Green Marketing Jobs - Some examples.

Solar Power Jobs - Save the planet--or at least reduce utility bills.

=> Best Money Books and Courses (17 pages)

101 Weird Ways to Make Money - Steve Gillman writes from experience

The Four Hour Work Week - Is it an exaggeration?

=> Interviews With People Making Money (17 pages)

The Flying Entrepreneur - I interview Kris Sharpe, founder of WingmanTF.

Water Taxi - Interview - Naples Bay Water Shuttle.

Margaritaville Jobs - Bartender Michael Kopczynski.

Make Your Own Game - Interview with the inventor of a brain game.

=> Make More Money From Your Business (33 pages)

Measure Advertising Results - Know where to put that ad money.

Increase Average Sale Amount - No need for pushy selling.

Increase Customer Frequency - More visits equals more profit.

Other Pages

Five Ways to Bet to Win - And legal too!

My Paychecks, Businesses, and Investments - Putting together a living

Ideas and Businesses and Jobs - Proven and theoretical.

The Three Purposes of Investing - And which investment accomplishes all three.

Cash Jobs - How and where to find them.

Elvis Minister - There are a few openings...

Make Matzo for Money - Making food for money.

Coin Roll Hunting - Dig through rolls of coins for...

High Rise Window Washer - A decent job or business.

Creative Ways to Make Money - Crazy videos; find treasures..

Grave Digger - You get to work outdoors.

Make More Money From Your Job - Starting this week.

Growing Catnip - Sell to cat owners or retailers.

Club Moss Spores - Harvest and sell natural flash powder.

The Business of Roadkill Cleanup - Someone has to do it.

Buy and Sell Used Cars - Decent profits is a short time.

Shomer - Overnight guardian at a funeral home.

Making Tips - Cash tips even when you're not employed?

Cemetery Visit for Money - Yes, this is a real business.

Offer Crickets for Sale - Cricket farming as a business.

Teach English Overseas - Where the jobs are.

Maximize Rental Property Income - Raising the rent is just one way.

Licensing Specialist - Claudia M. Doege answers our questions.

Become a Bar Mitzvah Tutor - Great hourly wage; no need to be Jewish.

Recycling Metals for Profit - True stories and suggestions.

Street Vending in the Philippines - From someone who spent time there.

How to Sell Your Stuff - What's the best way?

Senior Services Business - Work from home if you want.

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Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. - Jim Rohn

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If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. - Henry Ford

Working at Home - When you are working from your home, don’t answer the phone every time it rings, unless it is the business line. Set aside a time to return calls and let the answering machine do its job for you. The “minor” interruption of talking to a friend for a few minutes usually burns up more time than you realize, both for the conversation itself and because it takes time to get back into “working” mode. In fact, a call can often derail a task that you were focused on and working on efficiently. Turn the ringer off if necessary, and let the machine take the calls.

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