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By Eric Hammer

The next time you happen to be in a big city, take a moment to look down at the sidewalk and take notice of all the black spots all over the sidewalk – those spots are pieces of gum that someone carelessly dropped on the sidewalk and which have now hardened to become part of the pavement. While some urban dwellers tend not to care much about it, others look for a gum removal business to help them get the spots off their sidewalks so that they can have nice, clean sidewalks.

At least, they’ll have nice clean sidewalks until more pieces of gum get dropped onto their sidewalks. Sadly, as long as the laws in our country are lax regarding littering (take a walk around Singapore streets and you will be shocked at how clean it all is – of course, dumping your gum on the street there could result in a caning [getting beaten with a cane by a government official] so it’s not exactly such a great trade off), there will always be gum littering our sidewalks. Fortunately however, this also means that if you go into the gum removal business you’ll be able to rely on finding plenty of work in the field.

Gum removal specialist show up with high powered washers which blast jets of water at sidewalks. The jets clean away those black spots along with general grime and allow sidewalks to finally look clean and presentable again. This is commonly done when someone is trying to sell their home or when a business is trying to attract new customers who may be put off by the grim on the sidewalk.

How Much Can You Make?

According to Daimer, a company that supplies equipment for gum removal businesses, experienced technicians can earn as much as $3,500 per day, though in most cases you will charge a square foot charge of around 75 cents to $1.50. The amount you make from that really depends on how aggressive you are in going out to try and find business. Remember that while the money can be good, there is lots of competition and the work is hard and labor intensive.

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Often, you will be asked to work late evenings or early mornings, especially if you work for places like restaurants, movie theaters and casinos. These places don’t want their business disrupted and as such you’ll need to work around their schedules. Residential gum cleaning will be a more sporadic business, primarily driven by home owners trying to improve the curb appeal of their homes when they put them up for sale.

In all cases however, remember that you are in a service business and there are just two things that really matter to your customers – first, do you get the job done efficiently and without fuss on their parts and second, how much does it cost for you to do the job? Therefore, be prepared for wheeling and dealing. You should also look for contract work from the city for public areas and from places like malls and casinos since this will provide you with steady business.

Consider also expanding into other nuisance removal businesses such as graffiti removal and even trash removal for businesses (unlike residential trash, business and construction trash is not removed by the city).

Qualifications / Requirements

You will need to learn how to operate the machinery for your gum removal business and you will of course need to pay for the equipment. You can also purchase a franchise in an existing gum removal service which will make your work a little easier, though you should keep in mind that you will have to spend more on that as well.

First Steps

Start by making a list of your personal contacts. Who do you know? Who do you know who knows someone? More than most businesses, the gum removal industry is the sort of business where it pays to network. You’re not likely to land many contracts because someone saw your ad in the yellow pages (though you will get some). Instead, you’re more likely to get work if you network with various people and try to get on their good side so that they decide to award you the contract instead of your competitor.


Daimer: Gum Removal Business – This is a supplier of the equipment you’ll need to remove gum from floors. They have lots of great information about how to start a successful gum removal business.

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