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Can you make money with your hobby and/or your interests? Yes--now more than ever. Why more than ever? I'll get back to that in a moment, but for now here is a video that will help you understand how many ways there are to make money with your hobby, by outlining some simple and effective ways to make money from an interests in cats:

I speak from experience, by the way, because I have made money from my hobbies. At one time I enjoyed carving walking sticks, and so I started doing it on a larger scale. I sold hundreds of my creations at flea markets and craft shows over the course of a summer. I never priced them higher than about $24, but others regularly sell their walking stick online for $80 or more.

I love playing chess, and I have even made money doing so. Again, this was a temporary and part-time money-maker, but I made a bit of extra cash. I had a job where we had a fifteen-minute break every hour, and there were other chess players who like to bet on our games--which we played very quickly.

Writing, has always been a hobby of mine, and it led to a book contract for my recently released "101 Weird Ways to Make Money." Prior to that though. it was basis of our successful internet publishing business. That brings us to why there are more opportunities than ever to make money with a hobby or passion.

You see, with the advent of the internet, virtually any activity or subject matter can be monetized in some way. What does that mean? It means that you can share what you know with others who have the same interest, or offer them information, and--when you do so on the pages of a blog or website--sell ads, generate affiliate income or monetize your traffic in other ways.

For example, I love to play with language, and explore the ways in which we think. I have a website on brainpower, where I make money from the advertising. I publish by email the "Brainpower Newsletter." Now, brainpower is a big market, but what about monetizing more obscure niches? I have a website that is all about metaphors, and although it only makes $20 to $40 monthly, I work on it for less than thirty minutes per month. My ultralight backpacking site, on the other hand, takes more work--about twenty minutes weekly-- and nets hundreds of dollars monthly.

I have seen a successful blog (you can check the traffic stats for sites at about feet, and others about all sorts of subjects. Yes, you can make money with your hobby. Start looking, be persistent, and you'll find a way.

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