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Odd Ways to Make Money

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Artistic and Creative Work

How to Make More Money from Your Business

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Ways to Save Money

The rest of the pages...

Save Hundreds of Dollars on Car Repairs - Here are six ways...

Be a Poetry Whore - It isn't what it sounds like (or is it?).

A Cuddle Party Is Not an Orgy - Snuggling up with strangers who pay for the priviledge.

How to Sell Your Body - Seven ways to make money.

Is Southern Florida a Worker's Paradise? - Not for livestock masturbators or farm slaves.

Profitable Friendships - Be a rental friend.

What is a Ghostwriter? - The two types...

How to Be a Human Guinea Pig - Get paid and be safe.

Bet to Win - Five ways to do it.

Ads on Your Car - Watch out for the scams.

How I've Made Money in My Life - Age 8 to 49, over 100 different methods.

My Surrogate Jury Experience - I made $150 for a day of deliberation.

Weird Ways to Make Money - Cremation jewelry and more.

More Money Ideas - A collection of ways to make spend and think.

Five Crazy Ways to Make Money - Jobs and a wedding scheme.

Making and Selling Cat Enclosures - A book excerpt.

Employee Assessment - What do the online tests really accomplish?

Sign Holder - Do you really want this job?

Examples of Creative Businesses - Four good ones.

The Weirdest Jobs - Snake milker and more fun ones.

101 Weird Ways to Make Money - A review of my book.

Cane Juice Profits - How to squeeze sugarcane and sell the juice.

How to Become a Cook - Start here...

Find Domain Names - For money.

Creative Ways to Make Money - Five different things you can try...

Antiques Dealer - Can be a profitable business.

Buy a Business - It may make more sense than starting one.

Become a Life Coach - Certification is easy and inexpensive.

Writing a Book - And getting it published.

How to Be a Farmer - Get a degree and learn green techniques.

Buy and Sell Used Cars for a Profit - And do it fast.

Invest in Movies - Start small or big, but be prepared to lose

Sell Sperm - Good part-time income.

Be a Movie Extra - Hang out with the stars.

Offer Crickets for Sale - Start at home.

Serve on a Mock Jury - Render a verdict and get paid.

Become a Rug Dealer - Good potential in this business.

Teach English Overseas - Travel and have fun!

Investing in Wine - What you need to know.

Professional Pet Sitting - Easy to start.

Writing for Magazines - Nothing like online writing?

5 Interesting Ways to Make Money - And an efficiency secret.

Portable Restroom Rentals - A profitable business?

Make Your Own Game - Interview with an inventor.

Babysitter Jobs - Get paid to watch kids.

Rental Property Income - How to boost it.

Writing Articles for Money - By Eric Hammer.

Online Editing Jobs - Where to find them.

Loan Money for Profit - Several ways.

Video Game Tester - Play for pay.

Work at Home Agent - Interview.

Get Paid to Write Right Here - I'll pay for your stories.

Investment Cars - Getting started in an unusual investment.

Ghostwriting Jobs - Write under another name.

Make Money on YouTube - Share in the millions...

Recycling Jobs - Where to find them.

Money and Children - Lessons worth teaching.

Selling Hair - Your own and others.

How to Be a Paralegal - Next best thing to lawyer?

Writing for Websites - And getting paid, of course.

Ticket Scalping - It's easier than ever.

Sell Your Stuff - Ten ways to do it.

Donate Blood for Money - Good hourly pay?

Finding Gold in New Ways - Not just panning.

Fish Tank Cleaning - A low-overhead business.

Slumlording - An investor's guide.

How to Make Money Writing Articles - Specifically for

Coin Roll Hunting - Old silver coins are waiting to be discovered...

Phone Book Delivery Jobs - Fast money; hard work.

Create an Ebook Without Writing - Get it written for you for free!

How to Write an Ebook - Picking a topic, researching, writing.

How to Become an Actuary - The basic requirements.

Become a Photographer - Creative and interesting work.

Become a Social Worker - Do you have what it takes?

How to Be a Loan Officer - A decent job in good times.

Pen Repair - Little competition!

Senior Services Business - Demand is rising...

Selling Social Art - Some ideas for projects.

Test Subject - At the University of Amsterdam.

Search Dogs - Make money training them for new tasks.

Water Taxi - Interview with captain of the Naples Bay Water Shuttle.

Retirement Cash - Opt for cash instead of taxable income.

Airboat Tours - Make money as the captain and guide.

Be a Real Estate Agent - The basics of getting started.

Why Be a Police Officer? - Several good reasons.

How to Be a Dancer - And why.

How to Become a Fire Fighter - Decent pay if done right.

Make Money With a Website - Steve Gillman answers questions.

Buy Rental Property - A safe and profitable strategy.

Article Marketing - An Interview - My own answers to ten questions.

Starting an Energy Audit Business - Help people save on energy costs.

Why Office Cleaning Jobs Aren't so Bad - Better than cleaning houses?

Fish and Wildlife Jobs - Nice outdoor positions.

Non-Profit Environmental Organizations - Green jobs with potential.

How to Become an FBI Agent - Interesting jobs, decent pay.

How to Become a Disc Jockey - Be heard by thousands...

Selling Insurance for a Living - Two words: residual income.

Green Marketing Jobs - Helping companies or organizations.

Traveling Carnival Jobs - Be a carny?

Building Birdhouses to Sell - Want to work with your hands?

Get Paid to Deliver Cars - Not a bad job.

How to Become a Stuntman - Fun and dangerous work.

How to Surf for Money - Love the water?

The Best Sailing Jobs - Does sailing take you away?

Alaska Crab Fishing Jobs - Dangerous work.

How to get Park Ranger Jobs - And why.

Be a Roller Coaster Tester - Thrilling jobs.

Tattoo Artist Jobs - Where to find them.

Where to Find Gold - And how.

How to Become a Reporter - Several ways.

Prison Guard Jobs - Who wants them?

How to be a Concert Promoter - And make money.

Doing Canine Massage - Anything for our dogs?

How to Be a Puppeteer - And get paid.

Becoming a Farrier - Horses need shoes too.

How to be a Commercial Pilot - Get high with this job.

How to Become a Taxidermist - Real stuffed animals.

How to Become a Website Designer - Good future prospects.

How to Sell Things Online - With examples.

How to Make and Sell Paper Jewelry - That's right: paper.

Start a House Staging Business - Help sell homes.

How to Start a Referral Business - Help people find what they need.

The Four Hour Work Week - An exaggeration?

How to Hide Money - The places and the approach.

Weird Vending Machines - Insurance, fishing bait and...

Creative Money Projects - Make money in weeks or less.

Business Project Example - A few of them.

Ending Poverty: Some Ideas - From Muhammad Yunus.

Behavioral Economics - An example of an experiment in the field.

The Irrigation Business - High paying sales work.

Teaching Overseas - Interview with Eric Hammer - Teaching in Israel.

Make Money as a Street Musician - Also called "buskers."

Start a Bed and Breakfast Business - From your own home perhaps.

How to Become a Business Broker - Help others buy or sell.

Start a Dentist Supply and Repair Business - A good niche.

Foreign Real Estate Investment - An Example - And some tips.

What to do to Become an Actor - And how much it can pay.

How to Invest in Foreign Currency - Buying the bills themselves?

How to Trade Currencies - The basics of the FOREX.

Selling Attic Treasures - One man's junk...

Become a Health and Wellness Coach - Help people be healthy.

Start a Document Shredding Business - Privacy sells.

Solar Power Jobs - Green jobs of the future.

The Benefits of HAZMAT Jobs - And the nature of the work.

Starting a Parking Lot Business - Several ways are looked at.

Become a Pet Detective - Something like Ace Ventura.

Political Speech Writing - Lying for a paycheck?

Become a Car Consultant - Help people get the best deal.

Selling Hot Tamales - There as easy to sell as...

Start a Bicycle Repair Business - Profit from your mechanical abilities.

The Business of Growing Catnip - And selling it of course.

The Gutter Cleaning Business - There are a lot of dirty gutters out there.

How to Build Cat Condos - Pet owners pay well for these.

Digging Water Wells - As a job or a business.

Selling Wild Foods - Whether or not you collect them.

How to Make Money with Podcasts - The basics of a young industry.

How to Write for the Internet - Get paid for your writing online.

Applying for a Job - Top Ten Tips - What to write, to say, and to research.

Creative Advertising Strategies - Some new ideas...

Letters From the Dead - Clients send letters years after passing on.

Start a Power Nap Center - Using the latest technology.

Cartoonist Jim Hunt - An interview.

Make Money From Famous Gravesites - Perhaps it can be done?

The Capital Gains Exemption House Flipping Plan - Profit from your home.

A Basic Covered Calls Strategy - Buy cheap stocks, sell expensive options.

Sell Call Options - More money from your stocks.

How to Print Money Using Your Business - There is a way...

How to Find Lost Money - Closed accounts, forgotten refunds and more.

How to Make Money in an Hour - There are many ways to do it.

Get Free Google Ads? - Don't believe the claims.

Restaurant Cliff Diver - Tyler Harding - Paid to jump from a cliff indoors?

How to Write For Blogs and Get Paid - Several methods.

Make Money With Revenue Sharing Sites - You write, they do the rest.

Make Money From eBooks with Affiliate Links - Give them away free?

A Job is a Business Training Course - Let your employer train you.

Making Tips Without a Job - Quick cash tonight?

Working as a Roulette Dealer - Is it the best casino job?

United States Post Office Jobs - How to get them.

Become and Environmental Engineer - Good pay for good work.

Margaritaville Jobs - Michael Kopczynski - A fun place to work.

The Best Ezine Business? - No writing required.

A Personal Letter Writing Service - Make money writing letters.

The Benefits of Pizza Delivery Jobs - What the job is about; what it pays.

The Black Swan - A Review of Nassim Taleb's Book - How I used the lessons.

Less-Speculative Land Investments - A less-risky approach.

An Interview About Freelance Writing With Eric Hammer - A writer I've used.

Investing in Coins - How to get started.

The Business of Street Vending - Make a living selling things.

How to Become a Cartoonist - What you need to do.

Making Money Flipping Houses - How to do it safely.

Copywriting Jobs - Writing sales copy.

A Resume Submission Service - Helping people find jobs.

Keeping Bees as a Business - The job and business opportunities.

The Business of Roadkill Cleanup - A dirty job somebody has to do.

How to Be a DJ - Bbe a DJ for parties and events.

Best Online Banking - What's available.

Make Money With eBooks - Ones you give away.

Sell eBooks on Your Website - Basic steps in the process.

Self Publishing: An Interview - My self-publishing experiences.

Review of Creating a World Without Poverty - An inspiration.

How to Sell eBooks - Using affiliates.

The Big Short: a Review - Michael Lewis' book on the financial crisis.

A Strange Money Attitude - People want other to be poorer?

Finding Lost Buried Treasure - A look at how buried treasures get lost.

Unusual Real Estate Options - Examples.

Looking at Money in New Ways - A simple question or two.

What is the Price of Money? - Do we pay too much?

Make More Money From Your Job - Several ways.

How to Have Successful Garage Sales - Clean house or make a living.

Become a Green Cleaner - Start an environmentally friendly cleaning service.

Average Wages and Profits: Sources - Where we get our numbers.

Terms of Service and Contact - Our legal-info page.

How to Make More Money from Your Business:

Using Business Assets

How to Find Customers

Increase Average Sale Amount...

Try Price Testing

Increase Perceived Value

Deploy Assets in New Ways...

Measure Advertising Results

Use Back End Sales...

Reduce Overhead Costs

Use Your Lost Customers

Find New Customers

Increase Profits with Low-Risk Experiments

Start Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Educate Customers...

Increase Business Visibility...

Use Your Customer List

Use Headline Tests...

Sell Customers to Other Businesses

Use Free Bonuses

Use Word of Mouth Advertising

Copy Success

Study Business Failures

Consider Downsizing Business Activities

See an Accounting Consultant

Cross Sell with Other Companies

Find Ways to Reduce Costs

Find Ways to Reduce Labor Costs

Sell Complementary Products

Get Customers From Failing Businesses

Try Ad Exchanges

Increase Customer Frequency

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Cemetery Visit

Frame Maker

Financial Analyst

Be an Aircraft Mechanic

Mental Accounting

Edible Wild Plants

Do Horse Grooming

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Barbecue Cleaning

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Bar Mitzvah Tutor

Street Vending in the Philippines

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Outliers: The Story of Success

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Get a Pharmacy Tech Job

Kite Sails for Boats

Buy in the Path of Growth

Flipping Land: A Strategy

The Post-Work-Ethic Recession

Bussing Tables

Review of The 1-2-3 Money Plan

Getting a Book Contract: An Interview

Get Paid for Picking Apples

Making Wreaths to Make Money

Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate

Computer Security Professional

Making Pottery to Sell

Writing Memoirs for Others

Psych Yourself Rich - A Review

Selling Common Wildflowers

Selling Natural Handicrafts

Renting Rooms in Your House

Snow Shoveling Jobs

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Building Profitable Niche Websites

Bicycle Recycling as a Business

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Bathroom Cleaning Service

Start a Gum Removal Business

How to Sell Stuffed Animals

Become a Pilot Car Driver

Start a Calligraphy Business

Selling Specialty Plants

Starting a Campground Business

Giving Guided Nature Tours

Paid Membership Websites

Doing Wildlife Surveys

Be a Bookstore Clerk

Coffee Shop Barista

How to Become a Clown

Concert Security Jobs

Make Money with Poetry

Become a Thereminist

Be a Pollen Collector

Be an Elvis Minister

Breath Odor Evaluator

Dog Food Tester

How to be a Dice Inspector

Video Yearbooks

Home Insurance Inventory

Focus Group Jobs

Mobile Home Investing

Selling Mobile Homes

Urban Planner Careers

How to Become a Physicist

How to Be a Zookeeper

How to Be a Landscape Architect

What is a Database Administrator?

Using a Temp Agency

Finding the Best REITs

Become a Wind Turbine Fabricator

Energy Efficient Building Business

Investing in High Dividend Stocks

Get a Financial Life

Mortgage Ripoffs

The Millionaire Fastlane

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Become a Surveyor

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Creative Restaurant

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