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I love to write about money topics, but I can't always keep up with the content demands of the dozens of websites my wife and I have. That's where you come in, if you want to write and get paid for doing so. I am looking for articles that have something to do with an interesting or odd way to make money.

I can't pay much, but if you have a story to tell, and it's one I can use (proper grammar, nothing too obscene, a topic I haven't yet covered in detail), you can soon call yourself a paid writer. Hey, it will look good on your resume, and If I buy another article from you in a year you can say you have been working as a writer for a year (that's a nifty little resume trick I picked up when younger).

What am I looking for? I would prefer a personal piece, especially if you have some experience with one of the topics/jobs listed below. But if you want to research one of these and put a page together for me, that's okay too. If you can stick to the basic format that I use for this page (and most others on the site), I'll probably pay more. In other words, write it using the section headings that are green here.

Here are some pages I would love to see (feel free to change the titles if you have a better one or a different angle):

Working on an Organic Farm

A Freaky Way to Make Money

Working as a Taffy Puller

I Am a Porta-Potty Servicer

Snake Milker

How to Be a Weed Farmer

Poker Dealer

Posing Nude for Art Classes

Selling Christmas Trees

My Pedicab Job

Dog Washing for Fun and Profit

Working in a Hostel

How Much Can You Make?

If I use your article, I can pay $10 to $20. If you can knock it out in under an hour you might make more than minimum wage, in other words.

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If I like your style, it is possible I will buy more of your writing. But in any case, if you really like to write about money--or anything else--and want to get paid for it, check out all the pages on how to do that, which you'll find listed here: How to Write for Money.

Qualifications / Requirements

I need 500 words or more (I don't really worry if they get too long, but given the pay scale, don't get too carried away). This page is about 600 words including the headings, which should give you an idea of what I need. If your article is not about one of the topics listed above, at least make it one that is not yet covered on the site. You can check the site map for a complete listing of pages.

First Steps

Pick a topic or think back to the most interesting way you have made some money. Then start writing. Then send your article to me. You can find the email address on the contact page.


Interviews with People Making Money - This is another section on the site, and if you want to try your hand at interviewing someone making money in an interesting way, I might buy that too. Just be sure they know their interview will be online forever.

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