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In some cases there are obvious ways to increase business visibility. For example, a flower shop hidden away in a slow part of town can choose to move to a better location with more traffic. But not every business can so easily find ways to make more people aware of their existence, and do so without breaking the marketing budget.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to increase the visibility of a business. They may or may not apply to your particular case, but they should get you thinking. If you afterward look for ways to make people more aware of your company--starting with cheap solutions--you'll almost certainly find a few.

Use Signs

A few signs can help a lot. A bigger sign out front can help with a business that operates from a retail location, but there are also other ways to use signs. Sings for your car are relatively cheap and give you a lot of exposure if you drive much. Signs placed in clients' yards are used by landscapers, painters, roofers and others. These are inexpensive and are reused many times.


There are times when it can be worth hundreds of dollars more--or even thousands of dollars more--per month for rent, just to be in a better location. This obviously depends on the nature of your business. In thinking about a move, remember that it is the additional profit that has to cover the rent increase, not the revenue. In other words, if your operating margin is 25%, you need $2,000 more in monthly sales from a new location to justify an additional $500 in rent. Of course, nothing is so simple in business or life: you also have to consider the long-term value of the new customers you might gain.

Sponsor an Event

It doesn't have to be expensive to sponsor an event of some sort, and this can be a great way to increase the visibility of your business. How you do this depends on what you sell, of course. A pizzeria could donate free pizzas as prizes for a competition, for example.

Write a Column

As the owner of a business, you are most likely an expert in one or more subjects. As such, you might offer to write a column for a local paper. If you owned an auto-repair shop, for example, your column might be "Car Care Tips." If you owned a pet store you could write about pet care. Be sure that you offer useful information, and that you are allowed to mention the name of your business in each column.


If your business is one that does regular billing of customers by mail, you could include flyers advertising a non-competing business. Why? Because in exchange that company will do the same for you. You both increase business visibility for the minimal cost of printing small flyers.

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