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One way to quickly increase sales and profits is to sell complementary products as a part of your business. Selling new things is normal for store owners, but it is often overlooked by service businesses and companies which sell single large products. Let's look at a few examples of what can be done in these businesses.

What products could a carpet cleaner sell? They already do "upselling" of stain resistant treatments and such, but what about entirely new products? The first thing that comes to my mind (I used to clean carpets as an employee), is rugs. A good cleaner will tell clients that to prolong the life of their carpet it really helps to have a rug at every entrance to catch dirt that is brought in from outside. So why stop at educating them when you can save them a trip to the store as well? Sell some nice rugs.

If you are a real estate agent with a good eye for interior decorating, you can sell a "staging" service for home sellers, to make their empty house look more presentable and get a higher price. A landscaping/lawn service might sell plants in addition to caring for them. Hair stylists already know that they can boost sales by recommending--and selling--good hair-care products.

You generally don't want to sell irrelevant products, because this can "turn off" your customer and the results will usually be poor anyhow. Why would a patient want to buy Christmas ornaments from his dentist? He probably wouldn't. But he would be very likely to buy toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss before leaving the office.

What kind of complementary products could a flower shop sell? Well, if you think about what the customers are trying to do, you start to get ideas. People buy flowers as gifts for others, and especially for romantic interests. Jewelry, then, might sell well, if you kept it to some simple but elegant pieces displayed on the counter. Flowers are bought to decorate a home or to cheer up the environment where they'll be displayed. What else could meet these goals? Paintings, and especially paintings of flowers.

So when you are looking for the right complementary products to sell alongside your existing products or services, consider what customers are trying to accomplish in coming to you in the first place. Then try out a few things. If you start small, there is little risk, and you might find a way to generate additional profits for years to come.

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