Concert Security Jobs

By Eric Hammer

If you love music, then you may be wondering how to go about landing concert security jobs. These are the people who will show up first at any event (the same kinds of people work sporting events and other events with large crowds - in fact the job is often called a "crowd control consultant" or some variation thereof.) and they help break up fights, eject people who are getting rowdy and make you go back to your own seat when you try to grab a better seat.

The people who do these kinds of jobs aren't always burly security guard types, as bouncers often are, but they basically perform a similar function. Most people who work in such jobs get on the job training for their work, though some do come with some crowd control training besides.

Also unlike a bouncer, concert security jobs typically involve working in teams rather than as an individual simply because the event area is so large. The jobs often are part time or even temporary positions where people are hired for a specific event and then laid off again, though some venues that regularly have crowds will hire full time people.

How Much Can You Make?

Salaries for concert security jobs can vary widely. One full time position we looked at in South Carolina for example paid just $21,000 annually while another one in Pennsylvania paid $58,000 per year. Obviously, the size of the event, the level of seniority and where you happen to be located in the country will affect how much you can earn.

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As previously noted, bouncers and nightclub security jobs are closely related to concert security jobs. The work is fairly similar with the difference being that bouncers, unlike people who work in event security need to look physically imposing so that people will think twice and three times before starting up with them.

In all cases however, concert security jobs tend to be reasonably easy to get as long as you can act as a responsible adult at all times (i.e. yes, you can enjoy the concert, but when duty calls, you don't complain. You just go do what needs to be done and you do it well).

Qualifications / Requirements

Generally, there are no formal requirements for getting a job like this since training is usually provided on the job, however it can help if you have some experience in crowd control and or if you have had training as a security guard. While most people who work crowd control jobs are unarmed, those with a gun license, especially if they are also licensed to work as security guard may have an advantage over others in getting these kinds of jobs.

First Steps

Start by checking with local venues where events happen. This includes large music halls and sports stadiums. Ask them about getting concert security jobs. Some of them will contract out the work to a private company (an example is listed below), however many will simply hire temporary or part time employees to come and work when events are happening. Be flexible about your first job and be willing to work even when it's not an event you particularly want to attend.


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