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This is strictly a page about new ideas for creative advertising strategies. Being new, there is, of course, no guarantee that these will work. On the other hand, there have probably been similar strategies used effectively somewhere, and the inspiration for these ideas came from a very successful company I read about: Show Media. They place ads on cabs, splitting the revenue with the owners, and one major campaign can bring in $40,000 per month from one client (with placement on 200 taxis at $200 each).

The ideas that started coming to my mind for other ways to get a message out there could be used by an advertising agency, or directly by any company that needs new and creative advertising strategies. The first was kite ads in areas have consistent breezes. The kites would be left up in the sky most of the day with large ads visible on each one. Beaches are a natural location for this, but it might work in other places where there is visibility and breezes. Here are some more ideas...

Audio Ads

Imagine that a message automatically plays as people walk by certain locations--most often the location of the advertiser. A restaurant might have a recording on the corner or sidewalk out front that is triggered by each passer-by. It could say, "Visit right now for a free drink with your meal." If you sold the service you could charge clients by the number of times an ad plays. If you designed the machines you might sell them to specific businesses. The user could presumably change the message easily.

Yard Signs

Legality might be an issue for this one, with regulation in many cities prohibiting too many (or too large) signs in the yard, but many yards have signs announcing that some company just replaced the windows or did the siding, so why not paid advertising? If you set this up as an advertising agency, you would pay home owners who participate. "Earn revenue from your yard!" They might get half of whatever the advertisers pay, which should leave room for your expenses and a profit.

Street Sign Ads

There are many cities looking for additional revenue, and placing advertising on street signs could provide it. A local government can make monthly revenue from each sign, and if the company that arranges this makes the new signs, the city can save this expense as well. This one is probably being done somewhere by now.

Personal Auto Ads

There are already ads on people's personal cars, mostly for their own businesses. There are even a few companies that have paid people to put ads on their cars. What's needed is a simple system for organizing in from both ends--that of the car owners and the advertisers. Something similar to the system set up for taxicab ads would do the job. Perhaps a driver can pull in to the agency, fill out some simple paperwork, have a sign attached to her car, and get a check every month. You could make the drivers pick up the check to be sure the sign is still there. It might even make sense to do odometer checks and pay according to the "exposure," represented by the miles driven.

Odor Marketing

This creative advertising strategy (or perhaps "marketing strategy" is the better description) has been used for ages, although as often without intent as on purpose. Pipe out the fumes from bread baking in an oven and you're bound to tempt passers-by into your bakery. But "scent marketing," as we might call it, has not been done very consistently and systematically. I'm imagining a machine that pumps out a puff of an enticing odor whenever it senses a person walking by. This is of course meant for restaurants, but then again, the research shows that we are very nostalgic when it comes to familiar odors, so perhaps they could be used to sell non-food things and services as well.

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