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Why would you want to cross sell products from other companies? The obvious answer is that you might both make more money if you do this right. But in addition to that, you can also provide a better experience to your customers, as long as you make the additional products or services something that they can benefit from. That is good for encouraging repeat business.

Sometimes you can sell other companies products or services directly. I once worked at a pizzeria that rented out movies in the restaurant, on behalf of a video rental store. Customers could return the movies to the pizza place or the video store. The video rental store, meanwhile, promoted the pizzeria, with an ever-present stack of coupons at the counter.

I was a real estate agent many years ago, and in addition to selling houses, we offered buyers a "home warrantee plan" that covered major systems in their new home. In that case we were paid a commission by the company which provided the plans. They didn't sell anything for us directly, but they did refer some customers to us.

Cross-promotions are the most common way that businesses cross-sell each other products. They just promote each other in various ways rather than selling each others' products or services directly. With websites this is easy. A website that sells an e-book about survival can promote a website which sells survival supplies, and in exchange that site can advertise the e-book. Two businesses which have newsletters and non-competing products can trade ad space in the mailings.

The best arrangements are those that offer customers a complementary product or service they might really need, and which is provided by a company that you trust and respect. For example, a car detailing service can carry cards for and promote a good auto body repair shop, handing one out every time the detailer notices damage. Meanwhile the auto body shop owner, who deals all day with people who care about the appearance of their cars, can recommend and hand out coupons for the detailing service.

Depending on the nature of your business, there might be some profitable ways you can cross-sell or cross-promote products and services with other companies.

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