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By Eric Hammer

While you might assume that the DVD rental business is divided up exclusively between Netflix and Redbox, the reality is that you can still buy into a DVD kiosk franchise of your own and make some good money from doing it. People still rent movies in large numbers and more than anything they want convenience.

Having to wait for Netflix to send out a DVD is really annoying when you want something to watch now and the Watch Now feature, while nice still doesn't offer all the movies that you might want to see, especially recent ones. Enter the DVD kiosk franchise. Just like Redbox, you can set up a franchise where you rent out movies on disk and collect the profits. You simply have to stock the machine with current movies and arrange for placement.

The kiosks can be placed in supermarkets, malls and other high traffic areas where people can come by and pick out a movie to watch and then return locally the next day. It's quick and easy and you don't have to have lots of technical knowledge to make this business work for you.

How Much Can You Make?

Quantifying how much you can make is virtually impossible since, like any business venture you can make as much as you want depending on how much time and effort you put into your new DVD kiosk franchise. It's mostly a matter of going out there and figuring out where to place the DVD kiosks for the highest return on your investment. However, typical rentals go for between $1-$3 per night.

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Remember that you'll be an independent business person and that you will need to make the sale to arrange for your kiosks to be located in strategic locations where they will make good money for you. Therefore you need to be a people person who can easily put people's minds at ease so that they can feel as if you have their interests in mind as well as your own.

You should also remember that since this is a DVD kiosk franchise operation that you'll be responsible to pay a portion of the money that you earn from running your new business back to corporate headquarters. On the good side, they typically provide you with more support and of course will arrange to get you the kiosk that you'll need in order to form the heart of your new business.

Qualifications / Requirements

There are no formal requirements to buy into a DVD kiosk franchise. However, you do need to have the money to do it and you should be well aware of the risks involved. You should also be ready for long days and nights with a great deal of work involved in arranging for your DVD business to flourish.

First Steps

Start by reading more about starting a DVD kiosk business at the links listed below. Then, pick a franchise opportunity you are happy with and arrange to meet with them to learn more details. Take some time as well to do some research and make sure your market isn't overly saturated with competition.


Check out these helpful resources to learn more about starting a DVD kiosk franchise business:

DVD Kiosk Rental Business: Get the True Facts - This is a good, down to earth explanation of the risks involved in starting a DVD kiosk franchise business.

DVD Now - A company that sells a DVD kiosk franchise opportunity all over the United States.

Entrepreneur Magazine: How to Start a Kiosk Business - While not aimed specifically at the DVD kiosk franchise business, this is a good article to guide you on your way to creating a successful business with any kind of kiosk.

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