Energy Efficient Building Business

By Eric Hammer

While there are any number of builders in this country, there are significantly fewer home builders who know how to build an energy efficient building. Putting up an energy efficient building requires many of the same skills as putting up a traditional building --you just have to understand which kinds of materials to use to maximize the energy efficiency of the building you are putting up.

For example, you might need to use Styrofoam in the insulation of the building because it is more energy efficient. Those who wish to create truly green homes often use old tires as the basis for the insulation of a home because they are actually quite good at insulating and they are also a menace to the environment if not recycled.

The important thing when creating an energy efficient building is to learn as well how to minimize energy usage inside the home. So for example, picking which direction the picture windows should face could help to keep the home cooler in the summer. You will also need to learn about types of paint so that for example when you build in sunny climates you would paint the roof white so that it will reflect more of the sun's rays, keeping the interior cool.

How Much Can You Make?

According to, the average salary for a home builder in general is between $51,145 and $70,000 per year. Since working in the business of making an energy efficient building is a somewhat more specialized subset of that business, you can expect your skills to command a premium from those who want a green home or building.

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Remember that in addition to building new homes from scratch, you could also work on creating an energy efficient building from a traditional building - i.e. remodeling. In all cases, you'll want to gain some experience working with an existing builder who understands how to make a home or office more energy efficient so that you can see firsthand what's involved.

Remember as well that hand in hand with creating an energy efficient building, you need to be someone who understands how to use as much recycled material as possible. While this is not an absolute requirement, most people interested in an energy efficient building want it for more than just the money saving ability that it can give because the electric bill is lower. Most of your customers will also be environmentally conscious types of people who want to do good for the planet.

Qualifications / Requirements

Depending on which aspects of building homes and office buildings that energy efficient you wish to work in, you may need to take some courses or earn a degree in architecture and or engineering. In most cases however, much of the knowledge you'll need for this emerging field is gained through on the job experience working with an energy efficient builder.

First Steps

Start by looking for work in the construction industry, specifically with a construction crew that specializes in putting up energy efficient buildings. Be sure to speak with the engineers and architects who designed the energy efficient building and to learn from them what it takes to create such a building. Then, go to school and get certified as a builder in your city.

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