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By Eric Hammer

Believe it or not, there is a serious amount of money to be made if you can help people to find available domain names (the web address like "") for their new businesses. These domain addresses are becoming increasingly scarce given the explosion of websites that have been created and continue to be created every day. So how does this work and how can you get involved?

One way which is really interesting is a company which hires people to find domain names for potential clients. In essence, the way it works is that the client puts in the description of their company and pays a $50 fee into an escrow account. One of the consultants then goes out to try to find available domain names for this client and lists dozens or possibly even hundreds of possibilities.

If the client chooses to sign up for one of these domain names, the $50 is withdrawn from the escrow account and the consultant and the company share $25 for each of them. Given the volume of requests, it's actually possible to make a full time living doing this, though you may want to try starting up your own company rather than getting in with an existing group (the vacancies tend to fill up quickly since this is after a fairly easy job to do).

How Much Can You Make?

It's impossible to quantify how much you can make doing this because it's in essence a startup business. If you work hard at it and do lots of SEO on your own website, you can easily take in a nice full time living. If you prefer to simply do this as a part time job, then that's possible too. This is what makes this service so great - you can create your own fee structure and your own rules.

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In addition to making money directly from clients whom you may be offering to help find available domain names, you can also offer ancillary services. So for example, you can offer a service where people sign up their domain names through your own affiliate service and you can even resell web hosting services of your own to your potential clients when they find a domain name they like.

Remember that the best domain names are short and easy to remember. Ideally, you want to stick to no more than three words and exact matches for keywords are generally a better choice than the creative names (like Facebook or Flickr), though you shouldn't discount the creative names as well. The key here is to have your own customized system where you can guarantee payment if you find a domain name that the person happens to like. Thus you will need to spend the money for a software engineer to write your website and arrange for an escrow service to hold the money for you. Neither of these should be particularly expensive though.

Qualifications / Requirements

The only real qualification for this kind of work is that you have a good imagination since the job of finding available domain names can be a somewhat daunting one. Remember that you're likely to be working in heavily saturated industries where people have already scooped up all the really good domain names and thus you'll have to be somewhat creative. It's also useful to remember that virtually every domain name host on the planet will offer their own automated suggestion engine, meaning that you'll be relied upon to offer what machines can't offer - human imagination.

First Steps

Start by getting a website put together where you can offer your services to find available domain names. If you don't know how to do this yourself, consider working with a site like Elance or Guru.Com where you can hire a professional programmer. Then, do a heavy amount of SEO (search engine optimization) to get your website out there before the public so that you can make money from it.


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