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Can you really get paid to write? Almost certainly. In fact, there are more opportunities than ever to make money with your writing on the internet. If you have any writing ability or are willing to learn, you can get started - and right here!

I have hired writers from around the world for occasional content for my websites and for articles to promote my sites. I still do most of my writing myself, but after more than a thousand articles in the last few years and thousands of web pages, you will see the line, "By Staff Writer" more and more often on this site and others. That's where you come in, if you want some experience and some extra income.

I can't pay much, and I may only need one article at any given time, but if I use what you have you'll not only be able to honestly claim that you are a paid writer (good for the resume), but you'll gain the experience necessary to take the next step. You never know what that next step will be either. My own online writing lead to a book contract with the largest publisher in the United States. They invited me to write the book 101 Weird Ways to Make Money.

Note: I am currently not accepting submissions, but may buy content again at some point, so check back here in the future.

What I need at the moment is some pages for the Money Ideas section of this website, and personal stories for These are both fun works. The money ideas pages simply cover ideas that are untested or not used often yet. If you have an idea for how to make money and you can explain it in 500 or more words (six or seven paragraphs of this size), send it my way.

If you have a story about an interesting way in which you or someone close to you has made money, send that. In either case, if I decide to use your work, I'll pay you - not much, but it will give you that resume addition. You are of course giving me permission to use it forever online. I will put your name on it if you like, or list it as written by a "Staff Writer."

How Much Can You Make?

Note: I am currently not accepting submissions, but may buy content again at some point, so check back here in the future.

I can pay $15 for a 500-word or longer piece. I'll pay by check in the United States or by PayPal if you have an account. If you live overseas and do not have a PayPal account, I can pay you with a copy of the Secrets Package, a collection of e-books I sell for $27 on my site; I'll also let you know where I place the page, so you can see it when it is up. If I choose not to use your article, I'll let you know.

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I can tell you that with experience you'll be writing faster than you might think. I still type with just two fingers and I can complete many articles or pages in less than 30 minutes. So if you get efficient, even that $15 isn't so bad. (I have paid as little as $5 for articles, but the quality was poor.)

In addition to this offer, don't forget to look over all the other pages of this site on how to get paid to write (see the "Other Relevant Pages" section in the sidebar). You can...

- Write posts for blogs.
- Ceate e-books to sell.
- Write e-book for others.
- Contract to write a columns for a blog.
- Write articles to promote your websites and make money on those.
- Write reviews for online products that you make a commission on.
- Write and publish books on Kindle (no cost - I've made almost $2,000 selling a little book on backpacking to Kindle users).

There are many other ways to get paid to write.

Qualifications / Requirements

I'm looking for articles in English only at the moment, and I prefer that English be your first language (sorry, but it really is tough to write in a second language, and I only have so much time for correcting errors). The exception I'll make is for good 1st-person stories on ways you have made money. In that case, if your English is reasonably fluent I am interested.

First Steps

Note: I am currently not accepting submissions, but may buy content again at some point, so check back here in the future.

1. Write something and spell-check it.

2. Put it in a notepad, MS Works, or MS Word file, or just paste it directly into your email to me (actually I prefer the latter).

3. Send your submissions to me at editor @ everywaytomakemoney .com (remove the spaces, naturally).


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