Be a Home Organizer

By Eric Hammer

Here's a sobering fact: Most people are horribly disorganized and that means that you have a great opportunity if you want to become a home organizer. As a home organizer, your job is to help people to get the junk out of their homes and make it into something they can actually be proud of. That includes lots of different tasks, but it all starts with getting things organized to begin with. Here's what you need to know:

Many people, especially in city centers tend to live in rather small apartments and they also tend to like accumulating "stuff." This means that they often end up with closets full of junk that they rarely or never use and they can't find a single thing that they actually happen to need when they need it. In extreme cases, they are even embarrassed to have guests in their homes because there is so much clutter everywhere.

A home organizer works with people to help them to get things organized. A big part of this is helping them to organize closets so that the space inside of them is more efficiently used, though you may also help people to actually decide what to keep and what to throw in the garbage.

How Much Can You Make?

Most home organizers are self employed, thus it's difficult to quantify specific numbers, however most do tend to charge anywhere from around $30-$50 per hour for the services that they render to their clients.

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Remember that you are working to help people to become organized. That means that when they visit with you in your home or office, you need to present an image of being organized yourself. A pristine and clean desk along with a neat appearance will go a long way toward getting your clients to trust you that you are able to help them to get organized as well.

It's also useful to consider branching out into some additional, related businesses. For example, you may help people to organize a yard sale to clear out the junk that they no longer need and you may also consider working with closet builders whom you can take a commission from in exchange for referring them to your clients who need help with getting a closet reorganized.

You should be able to see things in a big picture sort of way as well. As a home organizer, you need to walk into a room and be able to visualize what it could look like with everything in its place as opposed to being strewn haphazardly around the place.

Qualifications / Requirements

There are no formal requirements to become a home organizer and no licensing required. However, there are a number of courses available and certifications available which you can apply for and which will help you to land additional work as a home organizer.

First Steps

Start by getting your own home organized. Keep a log of what you did and how you did it. Then offer to help some friends and get more experience. Once you have this, consider taking courses to learn more about your craft or simply hang out your shingle. If you want to get certified though, you'll need courses.


Check out this helpful resource to learn more about becoming a home organizer:

National Association of Professional Organizers - This is a professional organization dedicated to further the profession of home organizer.

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