Be a Home Theater Installer

By Eric Hammer

If you love television and electronics, you may well be able to earn a living as a home theater installer. These kinds of jobs are becoming increasingly common as the costs of setting up a home theater drop significantly, becoming easily within the reach of the middle class rather than the previous situation where only the super wealthy were able to afford to own a home theater. Here's what you need to know:

So just what is a home theater installer anyway? Well basically, in today's world of high definition television sets, many people have decided to upgrade their view experience to include high definition speaker systems, digital video recorders (ala TiVo) and more and they need someone who can hook up all the wires behind the scenes, make it all work correctly and then train them how to use the remote.

That's what a home theater installer does - he or she does the grunt work behind the scenes so that the person paying for it can show off to his or her friends all the cool features that they were able to get added to their living room.

How Much Can You Make?

Most home theater installers make in the range of about $15-$25 per hour. You can make more money depending on how much work is actually involved in setting up the home theater though.

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You don't need to be particularly technically knowledgeable to become a home theater installer, though it does help a lot if you are. This will help you to understand where the technical glitches come from when setting up systems in people's homes and explain to them what different components actually do.

It's also useful to know how to program a computer, at least from a basic standpoint as the most involved home theater installations will involve putting in a home theater PC which actually connects over to all the various peripherals in order to store television shows and serve them up from the Internet.

Remember that you will often be a commission salesperson as well, meaning that you'll want to be knowledgeable about other components people may wish to add to their home theater setup and which you can earn a commission on. It's also useful to keep in mind that you are in a service business and that tips are not uncommon here, so the more knowledgeable you are the more helpful you are, the larger your potential tips may be.

Qualifications / Requirements

While you don't technically need any formal training in order to become a home theater installer, it does help quite a bit if you have at least an associate degree in electronics engineering so that you understand the basics of building a home theater. You don't need to know every detail, but you should have a basic familiarity.

First Steps

Contact electronics stores such as Best Buy and PC Richard to find out what they require for new home theater installers and follow their recommendations. Alternatively, you could try striking out on your own and offering your services on a third party basis, though few people go that route, at least at first.


Check out these helpful resources to learn more about how to become a home theater installer:

THX: Home Theater Install - This is an excellent guide from THX, the company which creates sophisticated sound systems to becoming a home theater installer, including several courses you may wish to take.

WikiHow: How to Become a Home Theater Installer - This is another good basic guide to becoming a home theater installer, though not quite as detailed as the courses mentioned above.

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