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The following ideas on how to hide money are not foolproof. An experienced thief can find almost any hiding place if he has enough time. Fortunately speed is important to a thief, and there are ways to slow him down. Better yet, there are even ways to convince him to leave before looking everywhere.

First, avoid the obvious places which are always checked, like under the mattress, in dresser drawers, closets, and small safes (the safe will be taken whole, to be opened later). A list of better places can be found below.

But as part of your plan to convince a thief to leave, some of your money should be relatively easy to find. Why? Because, as thieves will tell you, they are going to tear apart your home until they think they have found the bulk of the money and valuables available. Even though they are in a hurry, they don't want to leave with nothing for their efforts. So if they do find a stash of cash, and they think it's most of what you are likely to have hidden, they may leave at that point.

The amount of this thief-bait to leave depends on your neighborhood. A thief will consider his job done if he finds $80 in a coffee can in the kitchen of a house in a poor part of town, but if the houses in your area are all nice and expensive, it is best to leave a few hundred dollars. The point isn't even that you can't hide all your money well enough. You might. But the damage done by the thief while looking for it can be far more than a few hundred dollars, so it is better is he leaves sooner.

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There is another way to encourage the criminal to leave sooner. Write on an envelope "Safe Deposit Box at Bank" and put a list of valuables on a piece of paper inside it. Then put the envelope by the computer or in a desk drawer. When this is found, it will help convince the thief that there isn't much more to be found, especially if he already got $300 that you left in an easy hiding place.

Now, to get to how to hide money in better places. It should be noted that it is best to use several of the following suggestions, splitting your cash up. In that way it might not all be found. The better hiding places:

Crawl spaces under a house, buried with known measurements from two walls.

Inside walls by way of electrical outlet covers that would have to be removed.

Place flat bills in plastic under loose-laid carpet.

Tucked inside stuffed animals through a small hole that is then stitched up.

Hung from a string that is accessed inside the wall where the washing machine outlet goes.

In the freezer, in a plastic bag inside a bag of vegetables.

Inside old television sets.

In the stuffing of a couch or chair, accessed from the bottom.

Buried in the soil of potted plant (in a plastic bag).

Inside a toy in the kids room, buried under others on a shelf.

Inside the hollow handle of old (not valuable) tools in a shed.

In the attic, under the insulation, more than arms-reach from the access door.

In general, when you think about how to hide money, try to see it from the perspective of a thief. What are the easiest places to look? Don't put money in those places.

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