5 Interesting Ways to Make Money

By Eric Hammer - 2011

With the economy being what it is, more and more of us are looking for interesting ways to make money. Ideally, we want ways to make money which don't involve working for next to nothing and which instead allow us to build up our income without having to do much additional work. Here are five interesting ways to make money which don't necessarily require a heavy amount of work (or at least they offer the chance to make more than meets the eye):

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

One of the best ways to make money is to do it while also doing something else. For example, a security guard who basically sits around all evening long watching monitors could easily make extra cash by writing articles and other content for websites in between rounds. After all, simply glancing at the monitors while you're working is enough to ensure that you do both jobs effectively.

Another great way to do this is to write reviews for third party websites of popular products where you can include an affiliate link to a product you review. So for example some websites may ask you to write a review of a book as part of their content. However, this same thing would also allow you to include an affiliate link for the same book (just be sure to check with your employer that it's acceptable to do so).

Creating a Crazy Website

One of the most bizarre ideas we've ever heard when it comes to interesting ways to make money is to create a weird web page. One of the strangest is the Million Dollar Home Page. The owners of this page had the idea of selling each pixel on the page for just $1. The page sold out the entire million pixels within a year and today it is considered a kind of "tourist attraction" on the web. While a copycat probably wouldn't do nearly as well (if it made money at all), the concept of the million dollar home page shows that a crazy website can make money.

Stick an Ad on Your Car

There are a number of companies which allow you to make money by simply putting an ad on your vehicle. The ads generally are created using a wrap around technology which can be removed once your contract is over without the requirement to paint the car. There are some catches to this deal though – not everyone qualifies and it helps if you have a "cool looking," newer model car in an urban area.

Note: Be careful with this one. There are legitimate companies which do this, but there are also scams like the one detailed here: Get Paid for Ads on Your Car?

Become a Professional Packer

People move all the time and moving companies charge a veritable fortune for packing up a home, not to mention for purchasing a box (try $10 for a simple box which can be bought at Office Depot for $2-$3). Without a doubt, one of the more interesting ways to make money is to become a professional packer. You can offer your services to help someone pack up their home for moving and charge them a third of what they might pay for the moving company to do the same job.

Become a Kosher Inspector

This definitely does fall into the category of interesting ways to make money. There are actually two sides of this. Orthodox Jews often get jobs as kosher supervisors where they ensure that food products are kept kosher (in keeping with Jewish dietary laws) in industrial kitchens and factories. However, beyond that, New York State employs professional "kosher inspectors" whose job it is to ensure that the public isn't getting ripped off. Rather than supervising whether food is kosher, these people inspect the credentials of those who certify an industrial kitchen or factory to ensure that they are qualified to do the job.

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