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The point of measuring customer satisfaction is not to reassure yourself about what a great job you're doing. It is a way to find improvements you can make and to spot developing problems. You have probably seen many "How are we doing" cards on restaurant tables and in other retail businesses. Of course most customers will not take the time to fill them out, and those who do are more likely to have bad things to say. But that's what makes them so valuable to the business owner.

You want to know when customers are dissatisfied. If you don't, well, good luck surviving in your industry. You not only want to know when they are dissatisfied, but you want to know why. If more than three people in a year tell a restaurant owner that his bathrooms are dirty or his employees are rude, he has a problem that needs to be corrected--now!

That is the obvious application of what you learn from measuring customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). But you also want to know what your customers like about your product or service. If the most common comments you get from your hair salon clients are about how affordable your service is, you might consider ways to cut your costs or get new business to increase profits, rather than raising prices. If they all rave about how clean your hotel is, you might consider using that in your marketing, to attract more people who use cleanliness as a primary measure of value.

When I found that I was getting a lot of negative feedback about downloading my e-books, I knew I had a problem. If they can't get the book downloaded, a refund request is coming soon. I did two things. I put simple yet more detailed instructions on the download pages, and I prepared an email template for those who had problems, with files ready to attach so they could get their books as soon as I responded rather than try the download page again. Refunds dropped.

When I get comments about the content of my eBooks-positive or negative--I take them into account. When I got enough comments from people who love the stories, I added more of them. If I get a complaint about a serious mistake or even a typo, I make a correction immediately. Fortunately, an eBook can be corrected or added to and then republished in as matter of minutes.

Look for ways to start measuring customer satisfaction. The use what you learn to make both existing and future customers happier, which means you'll make more money in the long run.

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