The Millionaire Fastlane

A Review by Eric Hammer

The Millionaire Fastlane, by M.J. Demarco - Viperion Publishing Corporation 2010

So just what does it take to truly get rich? The Millionaire Fastlane, by M. J. Demarco suggests that it's not what you think. It's not a matter of going off and earning a pile of cash by taking a corporate job. That's a way to get comfortable, but not to get rich. Instead, Mr. Demarco suggests that those who want to get rich need to follow a vastly different road than those that we might initially assume we should follow.

The Lamborghini Moment

Demarco says that his epiphany came when he saw a guy driving his dream car, a Lamborghini (as seen in the movie The Cannonball Run). He happened to get up the guts to ask the owner what he did for a living, assuming the young, 20 something must be someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth or who had hit the lottery jackpot. Instead, the owner told Demarco that he was "an inventor."

The idea that someone other than a movie star, sports figure or singer could make it rich and do so well at such a young age, living a life most of us only dream of, fascinated the young Demarco. He decided that he would pursue the concept of becoming a millionaire by studying what others did and how they lived - always sound advice for those who want to know how to become rich.

Not a Smooth Ride

However, like most people, his journey from rags to riches wasn't an entirely smooth one. He made his mistakes and lived broke for quite some time.

Demarco was also an early dot com entrepreneur, creating a website to help people to find a limo in the city where they were headed to and making money by selling leads to people who ran limo companies. The company prospered and he sold it for $1.2 million. Many would assume that this was his millionaire fastlane, but it wasn't. $1.2 million isn't really that much money in the grand scheme of things.

A year later, in the wake of the dot com bust, he bought the company back for $250,000, financed by a loan on the value of the company. He goes on to explain how his company continued to grow and he continued to create other websites to make more money. Eventually, he says, he found that his work was on autopilot and he was taking in money hand over fist. And that was when he discovered his millionaire fastlane - he worked smarter, not harder.

How He Did It

While the reviews on would seem to deify Mr. Demarco, claiming that he has some kind of guru genius to share, it's really not so much a guru's remarkable knowledge as a smart way of looking at things. Mr. Demarco suggests that the way to achieve your dreams and make the millions that allow you to live like the wealthiest 1% of all Americans is all about the road and the process rather than the event.

That distinction is probably the most important thing that most of us miss when we read a book about making money. We see the goal, we see the guy who sold his startup company for billions of dollars and cashed out but we don't see the sweat and agony that went into the process. It's that process that Mr. Demarco says is the Millionaire Fastlane - the way to make it big by working smart, not hard.

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