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In my perusing of other "money websites," I recently came across I was searching (what else?) "make money" in Google. It is a relatively straight-forward site that promises less than the "every way to make money" that my own site boasts, yet it is full of decent information.

The slew of advertising down the right side of the page? I love it. I am one who happens to appreciate information in any form, and there are many good products that have enriched my life (and business) which I never would have known about if not for ads like these.

I checked out a number of the articles or pages available. I don't get into commenting (I would rather spend the time reading and learning more), the 95 comments on the one about how to make money blogging suggests that the site is well-visited and the pages are good enough to read to the end. I learned from one age that I can sell things from my Facebook account using the "Marketplace." I didn't know this - but then I rarely visit my own page there. More interesting was the fact that at least one person has made decent money by simply linking to a variety of ClickBank products from his Facebook page.

The product reviews pages seem to be sales pitches for affiliate products, which is common - I do the same when I like a product and can make a commission selling it. The reviews did have the basic details about the products covered, which is useful. All in all, this is a decent website worth checking out.

You can find out more about the site here: Make Money on the Internet

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