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Can a new search engine really compete against Google? It would have to offer something Google doesn't offer users. What could that be? How about a search engine which shows only new websites in its results? Now obviously this does not compete directly against the other search engines out there, but it could be a supplement to those others.

Those readers who have websites or are familiar with how the traditional search engines work, know that even the best information on a subject can sit in limbo for up to six months before it is deemed "worthy" to be presented in search results. My idea is to reverse that. Make six months the limit and automatically remove any sites, blogs or pages that have existed for that long.

What is the point? It is to provide an easy way to see what is new out there. For example, suppose you have researched how to boost your IQ scores in various ways. By the "rules" of the search engines only those pages which are aged and have a lot of links to them reach the top of the results when you search (yes, there are many other criteria, but these are important ones). Search "increase IQ," for example, and now or next year you'll see increasebrainpower.com (my own site thankfully) on the first page of results. You'll see many other sites remaining on those first few pages of results for a long time. That's okay for general searches, but what if the newest papers published on IQ are not reported on one of these sites? The best content on the subject - or at least the newest and therefore the stuff you haven't yet read - might be on the 50th page of results because it is put online by someone who has no idea how to promote a website. And who goes through fifty pages of results?

Now suppose this new search engine is available. After you have exhausted the resources currently available for your subject of choice through traditional search engines, you periodically check in at neweststuffonline.com (perhaps we would want a better name, like "newgle.com"). You search "increase IQ," "boost IQ," "intelligence quotient," and so forth, and instead of getting the same old stuff you see in the results only pages that have recently been put online. This could be a great way for webmasters to learn early about up-and-coming competition as well.

A nice addition might be the ability to adjust the time frame for results. You might want only content that has been up for less than a week, for example. This ought to be a relatively easy function for a search engine to add. In fact, that leads to another interesting idea, which is to have the ability to search by any time frame. Perhaps there is a reason to look only at content that has been online for more than ten years, or pages that were put online during one particular month six years ago.

One other ways to make this work comes to mind. Have the results displayed in direct order of newest-to-oldest content. In this case the search engine serves the same purposes, but it is more systematic and there is no need to exclude any results. Big-name sites will simply have their older pages pushed into oblivion, but new pages will show up on the first page of results as they are published. There is one problem I foresee with this whole idea. It is that if it catches on, many marketers will be publishing hundreds of new pages daily in order to get listed on the first page of results continually. There might be a technical solution to this.

There are a number of ways to monetize a search engine, but who knows how much profit potential is in an idea like this. And I do not have the slightest idea how to actually create a new search engine. Thus, I have no subheadings here for "how much can you make," or "first steps," like most of these pages have. But I am sure we will see something done in this area at some point.

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