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101 Weird Ways to Make Money, by Steve Gillman - Wiley and Sons, 2011

I am the author, and I will not be reviewing my own book here. Instead, I collected some excerpts of reviews which have been posted on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I did leave out the one which complained about the "short treatment" of the many ways; how much did she think could be written about each one in a book of less than 300 pages on 101 ways? In any case, the first excerpt below is a nice answer to that review.

This is a fun book. In fact, the introduction is one you don't want to miss. It's like a mini financial autobiography. Gillman starts his story in childhood, when he was, in his words, "an arms dealer, collecting spent ammunition in the Great Paper Wad War and selling it back to the combatants--my brothers." He moves on through dozens of ways he has made money right up to his current income from websites on metaphors and backpacking. The chapters are short--they have to be with 101 of them. Having done so many things Gillman is able to weave his experience into many of the entries, like the ones on being a repo man, a casino dealer, or a walking stick maker. In every chapter, the treatment is more thorough than you might think given how short they are. - DollarChaser

Steve Gillman does a very entertaining job of stimulating the reader's mind with some great ideas on how to make money that are of out of the box, fun, and potentially very profitable. I really like that he wrote this book out of his personal experience which he shares in the introduction. He's not somebody that just compiled a list of "weird ways to make money." He has--at one time or another--personally made money using many of the ways that he discusses in this book. - Jonathan P Greve

As a retiree who still has a lot of energy, I found this book to be fascinating. Although not all of the jobs are to my liking, I am surprised that so many of them are so easy to start up! - Richard Mathena

I was impressed with all of the ways to make additional money. The book explains the 101 ideas quite well. There are even ways to go online to get additional information. - J. Brian Gay

This book has struck me funny, because not too long ago I was cleaning out foreclosed homes in Southern California before I got into real estate. And this book, "101 Weird Ways To Make Money," by Steve Gillman is a must to read and will provide you other means of income in this down economy. - Arnold Castillo

I found this book to be fantastic, but then I like anyone that thinks out of the box like this. I can vouch for some of these weird ways to make money because I've tried them and they really work. If you're a died in the wool nine to five company man, then you may not get it. - Timeshare Whisperer

Don't like the boring 9 to 5 grind sitting at a Dilbert cube desk under buzzing fluorescents managing TPS reports, or being a cog in a big assembly line machine 5 days a week? Then don't! Hundreds of thousands of `non-conformists' are earning a living in today's economy with fun, unusual and...even weird money-making methods you've likely never knew existed. Let serial entrepreneur and adventurer Steve Gillman help you, too, get started today on a path you enjoy: making money part time in fun little-known ways with little cost or little training needed. - Danny Welsh

That last one was also used for the back cover of 101 Weird Ways to Make Money. And that link will take you to Amazon if you would like to get the book.

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