Street Vending in the Philippines

By Kenneth Zimmerle

Making money in the Philippines can be done with a little effort and a small investment. This will not make you rich, but give you enough money to live a very comfortable lifestyle. You will need to work one of the larger cities where foreigners come to visit. Your investment will be spent on supplies like sunglasses, umbrellas, cigarettes, and cold beverages. You are now on your way to having a street vending business.

This is not something that you will want to do yourself. It is always very hot and if you are not used to this, you could wind up in a hospital with a heat stroke. There are many local residents willing to work but do not have the money to buy supplies. This way you can help the local economy by creating work. Making money here in the Philippines means investing it back into the people who live here. This will help many who have a family to raise with no income.

How Much Can You Make?

Start out with just one or two street vendors so you can see where the business is. Pay them 60% of the profits while you keep 40%. A lot of these vendors will make 500 peso profit or more, which is a little over ten US dollars. Four dollars a day profit does not seem like much but once you build up to 20 or 30 vendors, this will increase dramatically. When you consider a lot of Filipinos only make around two US dollars per day, you will see where you will be making a very good income for a small investment.

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Have your street vendors work near airports and hotels where foreigners are known to stay. Umbrellas are not just used here for the rain. They are also used for protection against the sun. Being near the equator, the sun will burn you in a very short time. This should give you umbrella sales every day. The same thing for sunglasses and cold drinks. The daytime temperatures are usually in the mid to upper 90's every day, with night temperatures falling into the upper 70's. This is what you want your street vendors to tell the potential customers. Most are new here and do not realize how hot the sun is when they arrive. This should keep umbrella sales high.

Also, although everyone knows how bad cigarettes are for your health, people continue to smoke them. This can be a good source of income. People will buy them somewhere, so it might as well be from you and your vendors.

Qualifications / Requirements

To make good money street vending in the Philippines you need to be friends with your workers. The people here are very friendly and if you befriend them, they will go out of their way to help you. Most will work long hours and you will soon start to see money rolling in with very little work on your part. Buying new supplies and finding more workers will usually be all the work that you will do.

First Steps

Save some money to invest in merchandise, travel or move to the Philippines, and check into any licenses or permits required in the city you choose to do business in. Then start looking for vendors to handle sales. Street vending does not mean doing all the work yourself--at least not when you do it in the Philippines.


Official Gazette of the Philippines - This will give you some insight into the government.

CIA Factbook Philippines - This will keep you up to date on the political and economic conditions.

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