Become a Wind Turbine Fabricator

By Eric Hammer

If you want to get a job that has real potential for the 21st century, then you need to work as a wind turbine fabricator. President Obama has said that green jobs have to be the future of the United States and wind power is one of the classic ways of creating new jobs and new sources of energy in an increasingly power hungry world.

As a wind turbine fabricator, your job will be to build wind turbines. You'll be out there in the field, directing the heavy equipment needed to put the machines up where they can do the most good. Often, you'll have to climb the poles to the top of the turbines so as to adjust things appropriately for the needs of the wind farm you are working on.

Another part of the job (really there are several disciplines that could be referred to as part of being a wind turbine fabricator) is to actually do the engineering work behind the scenes to make sure that the turbines are properly fabricated at the factory so that they will spin at the optimal speed and produce the maximum amount of electricity.

How Much Can You Make?

According to Simply Hired, the average salary for a wind turbine fabricator is $36,000 per year. This refers to those who do the installation. Engineers however typically make higher salaries.

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Keep in mind that as a wind turbine fabricator, you'll be out there in the open, working in large open fields to help build the turbines. You'll also be working on the sea as many wind farms are off shore. Those who wish to work on the engineering side of this business will work in an office and will need to be good at computer modeling in order to build appropriate materials for the win d turbines to function properly.

The work can often be dangerous, especially if you are out in the field working on putting up the wind turbines. Where you work will be areas that have massive wind shears (after all, that's where the wind power is) and as such, you may be flailing around quite a bit when you are up on one of the poles.

Qualifications / Requirements

There are no formal requirements in order to land a job as a wind turbine fabricator, however it helps to have an engineering degree if you wish to work in the factory side of the business. Those out in the field often receive on the job training though it can help to have at least a two year engineering degree out in the field as well.

First Steps

Start by going to school and earning an engineering degree. Ideally, see if there are courses at your school which will help you in working as wind turbine fabricator. For example, computer aided design courses could prove quite useful for those who want to work in this business.


Check out these helpful resources to learn more about how to become a wind turbine fabricator:

American Wind Energy Association - A place to learn about everything involved with wind power, including becoming a wind turbine fabricator.

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