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We have all heard the expression "word of mouth advertising." Get people talking about your product, service or company and you have the cheapest--and perhaps most effective--marketing available. So how do you get this to happen? Let's look at some of the possible ways.

Ideally if you offer a great product or service it will be natural for your customers to tell others about it. But there are also ways to prompt this word-of-mouth advertising. The most recent tactic involve what is now called "social marketing," and "buzz marketing." If you can make an entertaining video to put on and other such websites, people will link to it, tell friends about it, and show it to them. Just be sure that the name of you company or website is mentioned during it or at the end of the video.

If you don't have a clue how to do this you can hire out the work. You could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a video though, and you really don't know if it will "go viral" and be watched by the multitudes. On the other hand, a few cheap experiments won't cost much. I recently have seen several people at offering to do video testimonials for any product for $5. These are not likely to be creative enough for use on YouTube, but you could send them out in emails to customers who might share them with friends.

Buzz marketing involves creating "buzz" or publicity of a sort. There are even companies that hire people to talk about your products to friends, and to do so in public places to create more awareness. They will wear t-shirts with your logo, post their thoughts about your company or products on their personal blogs and Facebooks pages and more.

Of course, the simplest and cheapest ways to get word of mouth advertising is to ask your satisfied customers to tell others about what you offer. You can sometimes bribe them. My accountant has coupons for us to give to others (we are very satisfied with his service), and we get a discount if the coupon is redeemed.

Events or unusual promotions create a lot of talk as well. A local pizzeria has a magician wandering from table to table every Friday evening. I have told several people about this, and some of them may have gone there to have pizza.

How you promote word of mouth advertising will depend on what kind of business you have. But people respond more positively to what a friend says than they do to an ad in a magazine or paper, so it's worth looking for ways to encourage such social publicity.

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