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By Eric Hammer

Writing articles for money can take on a wide range of forms. For example, you could write articles for sites such as Suite 101 and Examiner.com all the way to writing articles for the local newspaper and even for various magazines. In each of these cases however, there are different ways of doing this and so you need to keep in mind the differences between various options when writing articles for money.

For example, if you were to take work writing for Demand Studios, you would get to choose from amongst a list of possible topics to write about but would then be expected to follow a very rigid set of rules regarding how the article is written. In other cases, you may not have the chance to choose the topics you'll write about, but you will get much more leeway in how the articles are written.

It is also important to consider when writing articles for money how you want to get paid. For example, you may choose to write for a website like Suite 101 or Examiner.com where you earn money only from page views of your articles. Or you may be paid a per piece price for each article that you write and not be offered the chance to earn anything else from your work. Still other places, such as Bright Hub pay you a per piece fee and a per view fee for your work.

How Much Can You Make?

The amount you can make from writing articles for money varies greatly depending on where you'll write these articles. Some sites, as noted above will pay you only for page views and this often means you'll make just pennies on the article. Other times you can make serious money from writing these articles, especially if you work for professional websites such as MSN or AOL.

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Remember that writing articles for money has a very broad definition. You could just as easily write articles for magazines and newspapers, though that is a very different kind of writing from the kind of writing you may do for websites. It’s also possible that you may end up writing other kinds of content. For example, it is occasionally possible to get work writing for Wikipedia (by putting in a Wikipedia page on a company which is trying to get noticed), though this kind of work is not officially sanctioned by the Wikipedia foundation.

Keep in mind that if you contract with someone to write for them that you either need to arrange for an escrow payment or for a down payment on your writing. Have a firm policy as well regarding the number of revisions you'll do on your writing before you insist on getting paid. Realize as well that some clients will stiff you – it's an almost inevitable part of writing articles for money. You can minimize this by building trust through smaller jobs and requiring down payments from your clients every time you do writing for them.

Qualifications / Requirements

There are no formal requirements to write articles for money. You simply need to know how to write and how to research a subject. However, just because you learned how to write an article back in high school doesn't necessarily mean that you'll do well at this kind of work. It requires a certain kind of temperament to do it successfully since the work is usually done at home and can be feel quite isolating at times.

First Steps

Start by looking at websites like Elance where you can find work for writers. The advantage of Elance is that it offers you the chance to work for someone who will put the money into escrow. This means you will get paid as long as you deliver the work. Working directly with clients means taking risks which you need to consider before you do so.


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