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Yes, you can make money writing for websites, and this page is a good example of that. I hired out the job to a writer who was working through Fiverr.com. Since everything there sells for $5, and you get only $4 of that, you might want to consider working through one of the freelance sites where you're likely to get better pay (I have paid as much as $22 per page). But I suppose if you can crank out articles like the following in twenty minutes or less you might do okay writing for just $5 each. Keep in mind though, that you typically give up all rights to your content (notice the lack of a by-line), so you better make a decent wage.

How I Made a Full Time Income Writing for Websites

Many people think it is literally impossible to earn money online. This is simply not true if you use your imagination and talents. At one time I believed it was impossible as well - until I found my passion.

I've tried selling information, software and screen savers and none of these plans worked as well as writing for people who need content for marketing or for their websites. Of course, it was slow at first, but as I gained popularity I was able to get orders regularly. I was no longer able to keep up with the work load alone and had to hire people to work with me.

I started out by opening an account on freelance site. The main sites were scriptlance and GetAFreelancer as well as oDesk. In the beginning it was difficult to get jobs but people are still willing to give newcomers a chance. What I did is I always sent samples with my bid. That way the client can judge what I can do and can't do.

With time, I also learned more about SEO, search engine optimization and keyword usage. My writing improved and so did my marketing skills. I was able to learn about keywords, both proper placement as well as density, for different purposes.

I always put the customers and quality ahead of everything and it paid off. Not only did I earn money - a good monthly income - but I made some valuable loving friends as well. When you put gold in you get gold out. Since you have to work with the people, you should go out of your way to show quality and caring as well. This is the true key to success.

How Much Can You Make?

Within six months I was earning several thousand dollars per month in profit from the comfort of my own home. I was able to leave my full time job and work from home plus take care of my children at the same time.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

When I began placing ads on Warrior forum business boomed, even more than on any other freelance sites. Placing ads here, my business took off. I was getting orders daily - more than I could handle. Because of this I was able to build a team of ten writers and had to hire an editor as well as project manager. Of course, I still stayed active. I never gave up writing and simply took over management of employees as well as accounting.

Qualifications / Requirements

If you can write you can start writing for websites. Put your mind to it and don't give up on your dreams. Find your passion from within.

First Steps

Write some sample articles for practice and to send to potential clients.


Elance - This is one of the top freelance sites, where you can get hired to write for websites and blogs.

You Can Make Money Writing - There is an e-book about making money writing online (but primarily for your own websites), and a free course made up of excerpts from the book.

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