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Get Rich Click - The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet, by Marc Ostrofsky, Razor Media group LLC, 2011

I received an email the other day from Marc Ostrofsky, in which he mentioned that he was on the television program The View--again. It reminded me that I wanted to do a review of his book Get Rich Click. Here it is...

Let's get right to the good and the bad news. This book does provide a good introduction to many of the ways you can make money online. However, it is not The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet, as the subtitle claims. I would take any e-book by Chris Rempel over this one if I wanted a guide to making money online (check out my review of Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate).

On the other hand, not all books that address the same subject serve the same purpose. Get Rich Click is full of inspiring stories, and that may be as important to some people as the specifics of how to make money online. We all need a bit of motivational encouragement from time to time. One of the first of these stories is Ostrofsky's own. He paid $150,000 for the domain name in 1995, when everyone thought it was crazy to pay that much for a mere name. Four years later he sold it for over $7 million.

The "Case Studies" you'll find throughout the book are great for getting a general feel for the many ways to do business online. This is important I think, because business--online or off--is more of an art and less of a science than most people think. You absorb the stories and the lessons in them and develop your own style using this education. Perhaps we would all like a "blueprint for success"--and there are undoubtedly many products and books that use those very words in their promises--but they don't exist. It is like thinking that if you learn the physics and exact muscular movements necessary to ride a bike you can compete in the Tour de France the next day--having never ridded a bicycle before. Explanations cannot replace experience and practice, but stories can inspire and inform and guide us.

This book is not a step-by-step guide to any specific way to make money--but then such books do not necessarily work as promised anyhow. It is full of information you might find useful. I was a bit disappointed, because it is a bit outdated in parts and perhaps because I have been making money online for enough years that there was not enough new information for me to use.

There is another reason to buy this book: to study the marketing process. A guy who can get on numerous television shows and get endorsements and testimonials from dozens of famous writers and internet marketers (Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Joel Comm, Robert Allen and on and on)--and without a particularly great book--knows how to market. I bought the book cheap enough that Ostrofsky made no profit on the sale, but that was clearly not the point. The promotion was meant to get me on his mailing list, and as long as he sends the occasional interesting email I'll stay subscribed. At some point he will likely introduce me to a product I will buy--which will make him a commission.

Should you buy a copy of Get Rich Click? Yes, if you are new to making money online, or if you need some inspirational stories and case studies, or if you want to study the art and science of marketing by getting on Marc Ostrovsky's mailing list. If you already have a lot of experience online, and wake up feeling motivated everyday, and know how to market, there are better books out there.

By the way, you can get some free chapters at you give your name and email address (that's how marketing is done). You'll also get a better deal on the book than if you go to or your local bookstore to buy it.

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According to the Get Rich Click website Marc Ostrofsky "built up and sold over $100 million in businesses – starting with only a $5,000 car loan."

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