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(Note: This is old information and not very relevant as of 2014 -- and I get $75 to $100 per blog post now.)

Although I can speak from experience on how to write for blogs an make money doing so, I can only claim an income of $8 from the one effort I made. It was a blog that paid $6 to $10 per post. I wrote two quick paragraphs in ten minutes and submitted them (I honestly don't recall what they were about). Two hours later $8 was deposited in my PayPal account.

There may still be a few blogs out there that operate like this. If so, you can locate them by typing into any search engine, "pay per post." But they will soon be gone I suspect. Fortunately there are other ways to write for blogs and get paid.

At the moment I am paying a local college student $1.60 for each 100-word blog post he writes for me (I distribute them to many blogs to promote our sites). This is only decent pay if you can write fast, but I once did 110 of these in a day when I was still writing them myself. You can find this kind of work on freelance sites like

If you have your own blog you can be paid to write on it (and you can start it for free if you like). There are advertisers who want reviews written, and other who want short posts which link to their websites. There are even services like, which find the clients for you for a small fee.

Then there are big blogs that need more than one writer. In these cases you might even be hired as a full-time contributor.

How Much Can You Make?

Writing posts that are used on many different blogs to promote websites generally pays between $1.50 and $2.00 per 100-to-150-word post. At the low end you would have to be able to crank out 10 per hour to make $105 in an eight-hour day, allowing for an hour to deal with sending them to your customers, answering emails, etc. Most writers, when given keywords as the basis for these top-of-the-head pieces, can probably only do about 4-to-6 per hour.

Payment for writing posts on your own blog varies even more. One blogger I ran across in my research says he is paid up to $20 for writing and posting short entries on his blog, and it takes him about 15 minutes to do them. I have seen claims of as much as $200 for a post and have heard of people doing them for $2 as well.

The highest wage I have read about for an employee who writes for a blog is $230,000 annually that one Australian blogger makes. Most blogs have their owner as the only writer, and those who pay for content are more likely to pay by the piece rather than hire an employee.

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The biggest potential is with your own blog, since in addition to writing for pay for others you can also just write what you like and monetize the blog with affiliate links or pay-per-click advertising.

Qualifications / Requirements

If you can write reasonably well, you can make some money online. At the very least you can do $1.50 posts for webmasters who want to promote their sites.

First Steps

You might start by testing yourself. Make a list of ten random topics, like "how to sleep better," "used car buying tips," and "travel tips." Sit down and write a 120-word (roughly) paragraph about each, with something useful or interesting for the reader in every one. If you can do that in less than to hours, you are probably ready to start offering your services and making more than minimum wage (and you will get faster). Start a free blog of your own if you don't have one, on any subject that interests you, so you'll understand the basics of blogging--a good idea even if you plan to only write for others.


ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett - Wiley; 2nd edition 2010; Aimed at bloggers who run their own blog rather than write for others. - A service that puts bloggers and people who want to pay for their service together. - A good article on how to write for blogs (your own and others) and get paid for it. - There are usually people looking to buy blog posts here. - You can start a blog here for free.

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