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There are a number of ways to make money from eBooks by giving them away--several are covered on different pages of this website. The method presented here is a relatively simple one. It is based on the use of affiliate links in the book, to generate income whenever a reader clicks through and buys a product.

For example, if you knew about vitamins and other nutritional supplements, or were willing to research the subject, or were willing to pay someone to write an e-book for you, you should start by finding a good retailer online that had an affiliate program. Some vitamin sellers will pay you 15% of each sale you refer. Once you are signed up you put the links they give you--which have your affiliate code in them--into your book, perhaps after every section or chapter. You recommend the companies products and readers click the links to check them out. When they order something you get paid.

I tried this with an eBook about meditation. The forty-pages took a few days to write, and focused on the mind power benefits of meditating regularly. In the book I recommended a couple of my favorite brainwave entrainment CDs, linking to them with my affiliate code, of course. I gave it away to my Brainpower Newsletter subscribers and made a couple hundred dollars in commissions that first week. Later I built a site to promote the meditation CDs, and I give the eBook away there now. See the resources section below to get a free copy.

Some people get irritated with "advertising" in an e-book, but perhaps they scream at their television for having commercials too. I think that if done right, advertising adds more value to the e-book. I want to be told where to get products that I actually can benefit from. Be sure the affiliate products which are linked to are relevant and complaints should be few (and irrelevant--it's free after all).

You can create an e-book for free if you need to, using tools available online (see the resources), and you can market it for free if you want to. What other businesses are there where you can invest no money at all?

How Much Can You Make?

Over the last couple years I've made a few thousand dollars giving away e-books, but using various methods, and while doing dozens of other things in our business, so I can't say what is the true profit potential of this method. But I can tell you a quick true story...

A while back I bought the e-book, Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate by Chris Rempel, for less than $20. It was a great value, and I applied some of his ideas to our business. A few days after first reading it, I returned to it to find a link building service he recommended, clicked the link he provided, and signed up for the service. It was an expensive service, and I suspect that Chris made at least a $30 as his commission on my purchase (possibly more than that). A directory submission service he recommended, which I used and will use it again, made him a $10 commission. I later started using an article submission service that he linked to from that same eBook. He probably made a $20 commission.

Do the math and you can see that even if he had given me his valuable e-book for free, he still would have made $60 in affiliate commissions from my having downloaded it. That suggests there is some real potential here. It could be better than what I'm estimating, since many of the services that pay commissions do so for as long as the customer remains subscribed to them. If that's the case here, and if he makes 10%, Rempel has likely made hundreds of dollars on the thousands I have now spent on the services he recommended and linked to in his eBook.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

There are two basic approaches to this way to make money from eBooks. The first is to find the best affiliate products out there and write a e-book or report on a related topic. After all, whether or not you are interested in a topic, if there is a product that pays you $100 for each sale, you might find the interest necessary to do the research and create the book.

Then there is the other approach, which is to stick with things you know about or love. If your true passion is marketing, refer back to the first approach. But what if you have potentially less-marketable interests? Find the niches that are most-closely related to them and do your best. For example, you could put six of your best fishing stories in an e-book and then suggest that readers go buy a "How To Catch Trout" e-book that nets you $10 per sale (yes there is one at ClickBank--I just checked). Having an interest in your topic has the huge advantages of sustaining your motivation and creating a higher-quality eBook.

Qualifications / Requirements

If you can cruise the internet and find affiliate programs, you can do this. There are free PDF makers, and there are even free sources of content if you don't want to write: find the 20 best articles on a topic at a free articles directory, contact the authors to get permission to use them (they are free to use for sites, but you should ask for an eBook) in exchange for a link to the author's website in each case, and you have a book. Now just recommend a good affiliate product at the end of each of your 20 chapters.

First Steps

Choose a good affiliate program (or several) to use as the basis for your e-book. Start writing or get someone to write the book for you. When it is done, load it up to your site or blog. The distribute the book. Here are some free methods:

1. On your blog (which you can start for free).

2. Send a copy to all your contacts and friends.

3. At and other distribution sites that are free.

4. Locate website owners who would like to give it as a gift to visitors or subscribers.

5. Use ads in "free classified ads" sites.

6. Give it away on your FaceBook or Twitter pages.

Resources - A PDF converter you can download for free. - Information on how to make money giving away e-books. - A good directory of affiliate programs to choose from.

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